Celeb Stylists Agree—These Summer Hair Trends Are About to Be Everywhere

Summer always has the most fun beauty trends—there, I said it! I love every seasonal beauty trend, but when it comes to makeup, hair, and even nails, there's no question that summertime trends reign supreme. There's just something about summer (if you ask me). As the temperature heats up, beauty gets more breezy, and dare I say, more fun.

This summer's hair trends do not disappoint. It seems like everyone wants to play with color right now—blondes are getting blonder, red shades are trending, and brunettes are toying with highlights. I spoke with celebrity hairstylists to learn all the trends that A-listers can't get enough of for summer 2022. Keep reading to learn the hottest trends to try. 




According to Rita Hazan, celebrity colorist and owner of the Rita Hazan Salon, says blonde will be one of the summer's biggest trends. "Everybody's going lighter," she says. "More of like a neutral [blonde]. Not yellow, not ash. Nobody's doing ash anymore. More of a bright happy color. I like to call it 'in real life blonde.'"

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Copper Red



"I think the copper and strawberry blonde trend is here to stay," says Justin MckayIGK Color Partner & Colorist. "We haven't had a red moment in a while. Recent color trends have been focused on very bright, icy blondes. It makes sense that we would see trends moving in the opposite direction, embracing the warmth with copper, red, and strawberry blonde shades."

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Mocha Brown



"A big hair trend for this summer is the mocha brown hair color," says Olivia CassanovaIGK Color Partner & IGK Soho Salon Colorist. "I haven't stopped getting requests for this color, and I even have it myself. I love it because it can be so versatile. It looks good on every skin tone and every type of hair texture and cut. It's usually a solid color, which also means that it tends to be pretty low maintenance."

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Not quite brown and not quite blonde, bronde hair lets you have the best of both worlds. "It's the perfect in-between for a blonde or a brunette, and it's super versatile without the heavy maintenance of a full blonde look," says Cassanova. "This look is dimensional with some highlights or balayage. As long as your colorist gives you a suitable tone and level of lightness, it can also work for every skin tone and hair texture." If you're brunette and always considered going blonde, this color is a manageable way for you to go a little lighter without a ton of maintenance. 

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Hazan says that many people are asking for long layers. Long hair is big this summer, so layers can help add dimension and volume without taking away length. 

Curtain Bangs



Curtain bangs have been going strong for a couple of years now, and there's no indication that the fringe trend will lose steam any time soon. Hazan says that these bangs are another way for people to maintain length but add a bit of dimension to their hair. 

Textured, Cropped Cut



"I'm all about a textured, cropped cut, which I think is perfect for hotter weather," says Adam Federico, R+Co Director of Content. Cuts like these are easy to style in a cool, undone way.

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Sleek Pony



Slicked-back ponytails and buns are the hairstyle of choice for off-duty models and fashion girls. Franck Izquierdo, Co-Founder of IGK Hair Care, says that this style is the perfect way to keep hair out of your face and off of your neck during the hot summer months. 

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Air-Dried Curls



"Summer is the perfect time to give your hair a break from heat tools," says Izquierdo. "It's the best time to embrace your curls and let them air dry. For better curls, the tip is to apply products on very wet hair. Don't towel-dry too much."

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Accent Braids



"Braids are super easy, low maintenance and perfect for summer humidity since they keep your hair out of your face," Izquierdo explains. They make every hairstyle more fun. 

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