I'm Just Very Into These 7 Simple Styling Tricks to Look More Fashionable

I took a few moments recently to scroll through the saved photos on my IG. For reference, when I like a forward outfit or spot a cool product, I like to save the image and reference later for inspiration as I create content. What I noticed in the latest batch is that many images showcase interesting styling tricks that are seemingly simple but create major sartorial impact. Basically, these ensembles get an A+ already, but the slightest styling tweak takes said look to the next level.

If you’re intrigued to try a little something extra with one of your looks either now or down the road, keep scrolling to note the easy styling tricks that could potentially make an outfit that much more fashionable. And if you’re shopping at the moment, I also rounded up product recommendations for each 'fit below.

Wear bracelets on top of your sleeves.

How to wear jewelry over a blouse



Rather than simply rolling up your sleeves to showcase your jewelry, consider wrapping bracelets around a long-sleeve blouse for a forward and high-concept vibe. Simple and effective.

The best summer dresses



That perfectly undone look is so chic at the moment. This styling trick is incredibly easy—all you need to do is brush off one shoulder of your dress slightly for a modern twist.

Swap in a bandeau for a tee.

How to wear a bra as a top



A lot of fashion people are embracing bralettes, bandeaus, or crop tops. If that's your thing, it's a clever alternative to a more standard top style with cardigans and blazers.

How to wear a dress and sneakers



While sandals or some sort of heels might come to mind first when planning an outfit featuring a pretty maxi dress, a pair of white sneakers feels a bit more unexpected, laid-back, and of-the-moment.

Knot your favorite tee.

How to knot a T-shirt



Bring extra dimension to your go-to T-shirt by knotting it in the front for a cool look. Bonus points for layering it with a slouchy cardigan and modern straight-leg jeans.

Expose an asymmetrical tank.

One-shoulder tanks are trending hard right now and feel particularly relevant exposed under an oversize button-down that hangs just slightly off your shoulders.

Wear a cardigan as a top.

How to wear a cardigan as a shirt



If you’re not interested in a layered look, try wearing your favorite cardigan as an actual top by buttoning it up. All about this ensemble here with the half-tuck into a pencil skirt.

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