Maxi Skirts Can Be Hard to Wear, So These Girls Styled Them for You

Is it just me, or are maxi skirts really hard to style? In theory, covering the whole bottom half of your body in fabric would be a breeze, but then you remember that you need a top and shoes to go with it, and that's where we get stuck. Per usual, when we need fresh outfit inspiration, we turn to our beloved network of bloggers, and they unsurprisingly provided us with just the maxi skirt outfit ideas we were hoping for. 

One glance at the maxi skirt outfit ideas ahead will have you wondering why you ever struggled with styling the item in the first place. And don't worry: These outfits are actually cool—we're talking matching sets, sneakers, logo tees, and more. Are you ready to conquer this skirt style once and for all?

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