I'm From L.A. But Live in NYC—Here Are the Summer Staples I've Always Bought

While over the last four-or-so years I’ve been lucky enough to call "The Big Apple” home, let’s not forget that I’m an L.A. girl at heart. In fact, the city where I spent the first twenty-four years of my life is among the most impactful influences on my style to date and still shapes the way I dress regardless of the occasion, location, or season. Of course, I’ve had to make more than a handful of adjustments in order to comfortably adapt to life in NYC, but that balance is just what I’d like to highlight here today.

Though there have been non-practical pieces I’ve had to give up in recent years such as uncomfortable shoes and non-functional bags, I’ve also come to realize that certain fashion staples transcend all other factors, including where you reside. To see, read about, and shop those which always have and always will be in my summer wardrobe, no matter where I’m living, just keep scrolling.

1. White Tops


(Image credit: @trustmebuythis)

Whether it's simple tanks or more involved styles, I've found that classic, white tops are not only always summer-ready, but the ones I've bought tend to stay in my rotation year after year, too.

2. Denim Shorts


(Image credit: @sofiamcoelho)

While my preferred length for denim shorts has varied over the years—with longer styles taking priority over short cut-offs this time around—the staple's place in my wardrobe has remained constant.

3. Lightweight Bags


(Image credit: @maggie_mccormack)

In L.A., a lightweight bag for summer was purely a matter of aesthetics. In NYC, however, it's not just about looking the part—lighter bags are more functional for leisurely walking around and going from place to place without a car, too.

4. Comfy Dresses


(Image credit: @lucywilliams02)

Since I already tend to prefer shorts and pants over dresses, when I do buy them, I make sure to stick to fuss-free and comfortable styles so that I'm more inclined to end up wearing them. 

5. Classic Swimwear


(Image credit: @emmahoareau)

To me, classic swimwear is anything that you won't get sick of wearing by the time the following summer rolls around. Thankfully, there are endless, non-boring options out there that check that box.

6. Minimalist Sandals


(Image credit: @slipintostyle)

Opting for minimalist sandals is another choice that has multiple benefits. Since they're simple, you'll use them year after year, but they'll also pair well with more of your other wardrobe staples and can even be the comfier option when you stick to styles with fewer extraneous embellishments.

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Since starting as an intern back in 2013, Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour has held several roles here at Who What Wear, and she is currently Editor-at-Large. It was a less expected route, seeing as she was graduating from business school at USC when this all began, but it has turned out to be the best one for her. Fast-forward to 2020, and she's moved to NYC from her hometown of Beverly Hills and spends her workdays a little differently from when she was an intern starting out. Currently, she focuses on a weekly mélange of shopping content. As far as her personal style goes, she's largely drawn to classic pieces and neutral basics but will always make an exception for something colorful, printed, or bejeweled as long as it's deemed worthy enough. After all, the only thing she loves more than a good party is dressing up for one. On weekdays, she can usually be found at home eating something delicious for dinner and trying to force her husband to watch 90 Day Fiancé.