100+ Shopping Tabs Later, I Discovered the 34 Absolute Best Finds for Summer

My Chrome browser hates me. No really, it does. And I can't blame it. In the quest to never be late to discovering anything from any brand or retailer—the big ones and the small ones—I have a tendency to overload my browser until the top bar looks like the top of everyone's Instagram Stories on Met Gala night. And when it inevitably goes kaput, I restore them all, which is exactly what you're not supposed to do. Alas, after countless restores, a good few hours, and over 100 shopping tabs, I finally did it—I found all of this summer's best buys.

From brand-new arrivals at Zara, Mango, and H&M to the luxury items from Blumarine, Loewe, and Prada that are about to consume your feeds, the 34-part list ahead is a one-stop shop for crafting the ultimate summer wardrobe. There are dresses and skirts—maxi and mini of course—perfectly tailored trousers, and all the shoes and handbags you could ever want. Now, all you have to do is pick the ones you want. 

Keep scrolling to shop summer's sartorial VIP list. 

Skorts are the safe-for-work alternative to miniskirts.

A summer spent without this dress would just be wrong. 

Two of my co-workers just ordered these. I'm next.

Our editors are currently raving about these. 

I've sent the link to this top to everyone I know. 

Elevate your outfit and your skin protection this summer.

Sorry, I just caught myself literally drooling.

Now to get a cute bikini to wear underneath.

The little cutout makes this entire look. 

Shop the matching Cut-Out Trousers ($89).

White tank tops are the low-key must-have of the season.

I feel like this skirt is following me thanks to Instagram. I'm taking it as a hint.

I've been telling everyone about these $35 sandals.

I love how simple and stunning this lightweight knit is. 

If you told me these were $700+, I would believe you. 

I just got these in sage green, and I'm already eyeing another pair. 

I tried this dress on last week, and it has not left my brain since. 

When the trendiest sneakers are also the ones on sale, you have to press purchase.

My heart is full, but my wallet is empty thanks to this skirt. 

Cargo pants are the celeb-favorite pants of the summer.

Shopbop's sale is starting. You know what to do. 

Please—I beg of you—buy this for your next night out.