7 Summer Color Combinations That Look Expensive as Heck

Color is one of those things that has the transformative power to completely shift your mood. Just think about it: If you're wearing something like an all-neutral look, you may feel polished and put together, but when you're wearing a pop of chartreuse or lime green, your mood and confidence are inevitably bound to be a bit brighter. This summer, put this theory to the test with a range of color combinations that not only make you feel cheerful but also make your outfit look more expensive.

Why more expensive? We're glad you asked. Though a head-to-toe-black ensemble can definitely look elevated, our favorite designers often lead the way when it comes to new palettes to experiment with. Prada, Balenciaga, Gucci, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Mansur Gavriel, Cult Gaia, and countless other labels illustrate how a few strategic colors can change things up in a meaningful way. Ahead, discover seven pairings to try out for summer 2019 and shop your favorites to get started.

Lime Green + Bubblegum Pink

For an instant summery duo, try lime green and pale pink together. The contrast between the more eccentric green and delicate pink will feel well-balanced and creative.

Lavender + Pale Yellow

There's something so cool and nostalgic about a purple and yellow pairing, especially when the two are slightly desaturated. 

Tonal Greens

Mix and match different tones of green for an elevated monochrome look.

Periwinkle + Mint

Go for an original, flattering combination with a soft mint and periwinkle duo that'll feel perfect for warm summer evenings.

Baby Blue + Light Yellow

Another light, airy summer color combination that's sure to feel elevated but also effortless is baby blue and light yellow.

Chocolate Brown + Lemon Yellow

Team a chocolatey brown with a lemon yellow for a '70s-inspired combination that looks polished and oh so expensive.

Orange + Yellow

Go the citrus route and pair your brightest oranges and yellows together for an instant refresh.

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