I'm Over "Dated" Wedding Guest Outfits—9 Fresh Ideas I'm Trying Instead

Please allow me to clarify one thing: I don't believe that any wedding guest outfit (especially those you're considering spending a little more on) should be bought for the sole reason that it is "trendy." When it comes to selecting items to add to my own wardrobe as well as the garments I introduce you to via my articles, I choose them based on their longevity—on whether they'll still hold their appeal in a week, a month, a year… heck, even 10 years down the line. And when it comes to wedding guest outfits, this is just as important.

Over the past few years, I've made a conscious effort to get more wear out of the pieces I buy for special occasions, weddings being one of them. And the first step in doing so was to stop buying—for the lack of a better word—"traditional" wedding guest outfits. Even though I'm a fashion editor, I used to find it all too easy to default to a pretty lace midi dress with an A-line skirt and a fitted bodice for the next wedding I was fortunate enough to be invited to. However, these dresses never really felt like "me" and ultimately didn't represent my sense of style. Of course, this mightn't be the case for you. If you love pretty lace dresses, then, by all means, wear a pretty lace dress! However, without the desire to wear my lace dresses again, I've donated or sold many of them to other wedding-goers. Not only is this not sustainable, but I found I was also spending a fortune. I needed to break the habit.

Thankfully, there is so much more on offer these days in terms of occasionwear. The outdated wedding-guest-dressing rules? They're out the window! Now, I tend to buy wedding guest outfits that feel more timely and match my aesthetic more accurately. And I get so much more wear out of them because of this. But just because they feel current, that doesn't mean they can't be timeless pieces you'll love wearing for years to come. Below, I've picked a selection of summer 2022 wedding guest trends that feel fashion-forward without being too of the moment. Scroll on to see them. I hope you'll find something fun that feels more intrinsic to you.



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Style Notes: There's no denying that blazers have the power to give any outfit an edge—pair yours with a slinky slip dress for a cool take on occasion dressing. 



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Style Notes: Minidresses might not be the first thing that comes to mind when choosing a wedding guest outfit, but styles with drama—think puff sleeves and exaggerated silhouettes—will earn you major style points. 



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Style Notes: We all know the power accessories can yield on your outfit, and right now, fashion people are toting the most fabulous handbags they can find to special events. 



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Style Notes: While detailing such as embroidery will always be a wedding guest favorite, I suggest changing things up with new embellishments. Thanks to Taller Marmo’s cult dresses, feathers have become a year-round option as opposed to reappearing for a limited time during party season. 



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Style Notes: While pantsuits have proven a popular wedding guest outfit option over the past few years, take the trend one step further by investing in a version with shorts or a skirt. Personally, I’m drawn to brightly hued options. 



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Style Notes: Formerly considered "inappropriate" to wear to weddings, black now presents a very chic option for attendees to wear—particularly when it is used in the form of fun dresses. Think giant bows and ruffles. 



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Style Notes: I've already touched on suiting, but another 2022 update on this classic wedding guest look comes in the form of more relaxed satin co-ords. Make like Abi, and pair yours with mules and pretty hair accessories. 



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Style Notes: I’m the sort of person who wears bras all day, every day, but if you’re happy to go sans support, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a chicer way to bare some flesh than with a backless dress, of which there are plenty of styles to choose from this season. 



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Style Notes: You might feel a little out of practice when it comes to walking in heels, but don't let this season's platforms put you off. In fact, many argue that platforms are even easier to navigate in, as the thick sole provides more structure and support than, say, flimsier strappy sandals. I wear mine when I plan on dancing the night away, and I very rarely need to switch into my flip-flops.

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