Yep, Wedding Season Is Here—Get Your Looks ASAP With This Rental Subscription


Rent the Runway

I'm the kind of person who gets excited for a big event months in advance. I'll spend winter evenings scouring the internet for something to wear to a spring wedding and send links to just about everyone I know for approval. I'll even go as far as to order multiple options, but when the event date finally creeps up on me and it's time to commit to a dress, I always end up scrambling at the last minute. (Making it on the imaginary best-dressed list is a lot of pressure, okay?) When I'm in a bind and feeling like I've run out of options, I know that I can look to Rent the Runway for looks that I want to commit to without hesitation. I can honestly say that having a subscription has been a lifesaver. I can log on, filter my search by size, color, and style to ensure my look is wedding approved, and close out of the tab knowing that my order of chic options will arrive in two to three business days. I hate to spoil the ending, but the dresses from The Wedding Edit are pretty perfect. Keep scrolling for punchy hues, spring florals, and so much more. And when you fall in love with your next wedding-guest piece, don't forget to use the promo code WWW30 for 30% off two months of the eight-item plan.

*Note: All items are priced at $0 with a monthly membership.

Floral Fantasy

Saturated Simplicity

Evening Elegance

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