These 5 Hair Colors Will Be the Most Requested in Salons This Summer

Looking at the weather forecast, it appears summer has finally arrived. As we plan our summer wardrobes and holidays, it's only natural to want to switch up our looks and even go for a shorter look. There's something about summertime that always encourages us to switch up our hair color, too. Whether we opt for a few sun-kissed slices of color through our lengths or experiment with an entirely new hue, there's an optimistic mood as the days become longer and the sun (hopefully) shines. And hair colorists are seeing appointments book up as we plan our color for the summer.

Summer 2022 hair color trends



"Whatever color you go for, it's important to protect your hair from damage," says Paul Percival, founder of Percy & Reed. He recommends using a regular mask to keep your hair—and color—in top condition.

If you're looking for some summer hair color inspiration, then look no further. We spoke to some of the top salons and hair colorists to find out exactly what hues are going to be big news for 2022. Prepared to be inspired and get your hair colorist on speed dial.

1. Renaissance Red

Summer 2022 hair color trends



"Copper and auburn tones were a trend last year and will be huge again. These strong colors are a nice base for lighter pieces of freehand color, which can personalize and bring out your style and cut," says Percival. Neville Hair and Beauty colorist Domenico Casella is also seeing a resurgence of the hue. So much so, that the Classic Renaissance color has become a permanent fixture on the salon's menu and uses henna to create the luxurious shade.

Summer 2022 hair color trends



Copper color made bespoke. Ask your hair colorist to add multidimensional tones to your lengths to add depth.

Summer 2022 hair color trends



Summer is the time to experiment with bold hues, and Winnie shows us how it's done with this bright red. 

A regular mask helps to keep that salon-fresh shine to your hair color.

2. Suede Oat

Summer 2022 hair color trends



Ash blonde goes expensive for summer 2022. Think creamy ash-blonde with a luxe-looking finish. "Ash blonde will be a key color partly because, in recent years, so many people have tried to do their own color and experienced breakage and damage when they lift it," says Percival. "An ash-blonde tone lightens the hair without lifting it to the point of damage. It will always look expensive and can really bring out a cut or hairstyle with framing around the face or lighter tones underneath."

Susana Cabral, junior colorist at Neville Hair and Beauty, agrees that this hue will be popular this summer. "Ash tones create a smooth visual aesthetic for the client and are easily worn," says Cabral. "Ash tones complement both light and dark bases, making it increasingly diverse for everyone."

Summer hair color trends 2022



Blonde in summer is always a winner, as demonstrated on Cass Dimicco.

Keep your blonde looking vibrant by using a heat-protecting spray on your hair. Your color will last much longer.

3. Luxury Brunette

High-end brunette has been trending for 2022, and it's showing no signs of stopping for summer. "Luxury Brunette will continue to be big this summer," says Seniz Alkan, color artistic director at Neville Hair and Beauty. "This is a color that cannot be achieved through at-home box color due to the multitude of deep luscious layers that are placed throughout the hair. The hair color shimmers and glimmers in natural light, and the end result is multidimensional with luxury depth."

Lighter colors shine on top of a dark space and give natural brunettes a summer update.

Multidimensional colors bounce light from the hair, giving a glossy look.

Keep brunette tones looking shiny with this color-depositing mask. It will keep hair in good condition between salon visits.

4. Bespoke Blending

Not sure what hair color to go for? Having a consultation with your hair colorist can give you guidance. Your colorist will be able to give you direction on what suits you, from color to placement to what will help bring out your features and suit your style.

Color placement around the face can frame your features.

"Using a delicate touch to slice sections just below the crown, I divide the hair in two before applying the color of the client's choice," says Alkan. "By using this color technique, I can create a pop of vivid color underneath, which blends beautifully with the natural color and overlaps it."

Summer weather isn't always kind to your hair color. UV rays can fade and distort it, so use products with a UV filter to help counter the effects.

5. Contrasting Color

If you're feeling experimental for summer, then you'll be pleased to hear that punk-inspired, bold hair color is trending. "Punk hair is back with fun, bold colors seen on many celebs right now," says Percival. "Bright colors will bring you out of your comfort zone, but it’s great to be adventurous with vivid tones, and summer is a great time for this."

Want to dip your toe in the trend? "Contrast color is also still huge," says Percival. "Putting a dark tone underneath and lighter on top works particularly well on bobs and mid-lengths because it makes the hair look thicker."

Vivid colors can take their toll on damaged hair, so a regular treatment will keep hair healthy-looking.

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