10 Impossibly Chic Ways to Wear Suede

Suede is a fabric we usually associate with shoes and purses—and how tricky it is when it comes to cleaning it. However, it also makes for a great garment. Sure, you may envision this fabric most clearly on those brown suede skirts you used to wear in the days of your youth, but it’s almost 2019, i.e., time to reconsider. Nowadays, suede comes in trendy colors and silhouettes that you'll love beyond that single brown skirt. Trust us. From suede blazers and jackets to pants and overalls, this ’70s-esque soft fabric is as versatile as denim and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and your personal style.

In case you’re having a hard time envisioning how you can incorporate it into your daily wardrobe, we rounded up 10 impossibly chic suede outfits that will convince you to own more than one piece in this soft fabric. Whether it’s starting small and just buying a pair of suede boots or going all-out with a matching suede power suit (as a plus, you can break the latter outfit down and give it more shelf life), the options are here. If you want to give suede a try, the easy-to-re-create outfits ahead are a great place to start.

Blue on blue is always a great color combo. 

Upgrade your middle school suede skirt by choosing a colorful one and pairing it with an animal-print top. 

Stay cozy with a lightweight suede jacket. 

Suede blazers mean business. 

Switch up your black vintage jeans for a pair of just-as-chic suede pants in the same color.

Here for this oversize look.

A matching suede set is a yes from us. 

Talk about a comfortable outfit. 

No suede garments for you? No problem. Opt for a pair of suede boots. 

Pretty in pink suede.

Next up: Do you own a pair of boots in the fabric? We have a handy guide for how to clean suede boots.

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