23 Non-Basic Basics That Won't Bore You to Death


Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Not too long ago, while working on my weekly new arrivals story, I came across this belted blazer by Anine Bing. Intrigued by it, I thought to myself, That’s the kind of thing you can wear every day without getting sick of it. A non-basic basic, if you will. I’m sure you can guess what happened next, but in the interest of clarity, I’ll just tell you… I pitched a story, of course!

I figured that if this lovely jacket exists, there must be more pieces like it that can mesh seamlessly into one’s existing wardrobe but also take things up a notch—and I was right. From jeans and T-shirts to blouses, shoes, and totes, there are a lot of such pieces, and I’ve rounded up my favorites here for you today. Just keep scrolling to shop my picks of the 23 most stylish non-basic basics you can but right now.