Hate the Rain? These 16 Stylish Rain Boots Might Change Your Mind

If you live in an area prone to downpours, then you know the struggle of dressing stylishly for wet weather. Do you just wear a hoodie and call it a day, or do you opt for a long trench coat? When it comes to dressing for the rain, we consistently find ourselves wondering how those who deal with year-round rain manage to put their outfits together so seamlessly.

But it’s our footwear that usually puzzles us in this situation. If you want to keep your sneakers clean but don’t have a pair of cool boots that are waterproof, your best bet is to invest in some rain boots. The difficult part? Making those clumpy galoshes look cool. But don’t fret—we’re bringing you 16 stylish pairs of rain boots that will actually add to your outfit rather than detract. From Chelsea boots to heeled pairs we’d totally wear in a rainstorm, shop our picks below.