The Most Stylish People on Instagram Who Aren't Bloggers

If you employ Instagram as a tool for outfit inspiration, then you most likely have a list of influencers you turn to when assembling a look. Song of Style if your style's slightly more flirtatious, Camille Over the Rainbow if you're feeling French, Always Judging for when you want a casual, oversize vibe. However, there are times when we like to branch out and explore women in different realms of work to see how they approach personal style. Artists, journalists, activists, models—the list goes on and on. If you're in the same boat, then today's roundup should be of interest. We combed through our Instagram feed to find women who aren't bloggers but have spot-on style. Scroll down for 19 inspiring accounts that definitely warrant a follow.

WHO: Chloe Wise, @chloewise_

WHAT: Artist

WHY: Her creative sensibilities translate to a vibrant feed full of wanderlust, humor, and, of course, spot-on style.

WHO: Bec Adams, @billieadams

WHAT: DJ with Les Filles

WHY: Hard-meets-soft style with a side of Virgin Suicides.

WHO: Varsha Thapa, @varshathapa

WHAT: Model

WHY: Her stunning, minimalist looks and mix of aspirational and attainable photos.

WHO: Camilla Deterre, @camilladeterre

WHAT: Model

WHY: Her unfiltered approach to style and art makes your feed feel fresh.

WHO: Courtney Madison, @courtneymadison_

WHAT: Stylist

WHY: Her vacation style will make you want to book a plane ticket (and go shopping, obviously).

WHO: Anna Gray, @annazgray

WHAT: Writer

WHY: Her sharp (and often self-deprecating) sense of humor and covetable style warrant a follow.

WHO: Georgia Graham, @bfg_graham

WHAT: Model

WHY: Her adorable vibe epitomizes je ne sais quoi.

Stylish Instagram - Bo Carney



WHO: Bo Carney, @bo_yeong

WHAT: Owner and co-founder of Mohawk General Store

WHY: Three words: perfect mom style.

WHO: Connie Wang, @conconwang

WHAT: Writer

WHY: Her playful mix of colors, patterns, and shapes makes her outfit posts a fun source of inspiration.

WHO: Elise Peterson, @eliserpeterson

WHAT: Illustrator and podcast host

WHY: She has originality in the truest sense of the term; follow her for bold looks and equally bold ideas.

WHO: Jenny Walton @jennymwalton

WHAT: Illustrator

WHY: Her very genuine love for fashion shines through in her posts showcasing her latest vintage finds and street style looks.

WHO: Olivia La Roche, @_olivia_

WHAT: Owner of O. La Roche

WHY: Her sharp eye for vintage and unconventional style.

WHO: Kai Avent-deLeon, @kaiaventdeleon

WHAT: Owner of Sincerely, Tommy

WHY: Aside from making pregnancy look awe-inspiring, her artful style is worth following.

WHO: Lauren Valenti, @lauren_valenti

WHAT: Beauty writer for Vogue

WHY: Her unapologetically sweet, bold style is the kind that sets trends.

WHO: Molly Young, @mollybethyoung

WHAT: Writer

WHY: We love her sense of humor and wit. Her laid-back, NYC-inspired style doesn't hurt, either.

WHO: Phoebe Lovatt, @phoebelovatt

WHAT: Journalist

WHY: Her feminist approach to fashion.

Stylish Instagram - Samia Hamps



WHO: Samia Hamps, @samiahamps

WHAT: Owner of The Lively Potato

WHY: She's like the cool, down-to-earth best friend you always wanted.

WHO: Sasha Bianca Lane, @sashablane

WHAT: Actress

WHY: She's the fashion muse we need right now.

WHO: Аna Kraš, @teget

WHAT: Artist

WHY: She's a Maryam Nassir Zadeh darling whose artful personal style is the perfect combination of daring and understated.

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