12 Ways to Instantly Make Your Outfit More Interesting

Everyone has an item or two in their closet that they can turn to for instant style results: statement heels, flattering jeans, or even a conversation-starting handbag. The best thing about these types of closet companions is that they have the ability to instantly lift your look with little to no effort. This editor in particular relies heavily on a pair of gold hoop earrings that can make even a T-shirt and blue denim look purposeful and on trend.

If this concept of minor effort and major results sounds appealing to you (you’d be out of your mind if it didn’t!), then the 12 tips we’ve rounded up below should pique your interest. The best part? They’re all easy to pull off (i.e., no over-the-top looks to be found).

See below for instant outfit lifters, and shop our picks to get the looks.