12 Fashion Mistakes We Swear to Not Make This Year

In our January content series, How to Get Dressed Again, Who What Wear UK is all about the idea that it's not about a “brand-new you” but a “best you—full stop.” Emerging out of hibernation and back into normality only to own every room, we're looking at the methods, ideas, tricks and inspiration that guides you into 2018 in the softest, calmest and kindest-to-yourself ways. Forget fads and racing to the finish line, this is all about one clever step at a time and setting yourself up for an entirely stylish year.


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First up, the silly fashion mistakes we swear to not make again. There reaches a certain point in your life when you (finally) realise fashion should be a joy, a liberator, a thing that makes you feel GREAT: It is not something to demotivate, waste time over or be a negative impact on any area of your life. That's why we're making some sensible resolutions—nothing wild and unachievable, just solid little changes that will make the world of difference over time. 

Keep reading to see the fashion mistakes we'd rather not expend any energy on in 2018.

1. Compare our outfits to others'


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All too often we can get wrapped up in what others around you—or on social media—are wearing. That's fine if you're purely, rationally, and occasionally looking for a little inspiration, but once you start playing the comparison game, it's time to tune out. Remember, we are all different, and it's your uniqueness that should be celebrated… by you!

2. Worry too much about having something new


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New purchases don't equate to being more stylish or more fulfilled, so just embrace change as and when the mood strikes. And look to find joy out of your old clothes—sometimes rediscovering a piece from a few seasons ago can transform the way you see your whole wardrobe. There are no rules and regs about how often you should or shouldn't buy, which leads us to…

3. Beat ourselves up if we fancy a shopping splurge (or 17)


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Yup, that's right. Don't feel the pressure to spend, spend, spend, but you know what? If you're in the zone, and it won't severely damage your bank balance, then DO IT. Just do it wisely and you won't regret it: Think about what you need, or what you're simply being inextricably drawn to. Take that item home, try it on with lots of different options before snipping off the labels, and ensure that you wear it right away—those are my tricks for making sure I've made the right investment.

4. Force an experimental look or trend


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Forcing yourself to be experimental or more adventurous takes psyching up and some good timing. I personally would prefer to get creative when I've got some spare time on the weekend, rather than when in a rush on a Wednesday. Or just save some ideas (why not on Pinterest?) for a time when the fashion flow is moving in that direction for you? For now, it's completely okay to just want to stick to a uniform and keep things easy for this time of the year.

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5. Hold onto "dead wood" wardrobe items


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It's obvious, and yet we all still do it. That moth-eaten sweater belonging to your old flame? Ditch it. Those shoes with the soles totally worn out? Get rid, or check in with a local cobbler to see if they can be saved. The printed crazy pants you've not worn a single time and still have the label in? Give them to your more outrageously dressed friend. Aaand, breathe.

6. Forget the seasonal switchover


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Clarity: It should be the goal for any wardrobe. You can't find peace and space in a closet that's catering to four different seasons at once, so keep things easy and focused by putting your summer and winter clothes away when necessary and unpacking what's needed. These £25 under-bed storage boxes from IKEA are my personal saviour.

7. Not care enough for clothes—whether expensive or affordable


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Like anything in life, a little TLC goes a long way. Plants need watering, friends need WhatsApping, clothes need looking after properly. From learning how to do your laundry correctly to buying the wardrobe gadgets that help store, steam and do all manner of other clever things with your favourite pieces, you'll get more wear out of the things you adore for longer, and you'll feel smarter when you wear them. Fact and fact.

8. Feel the pressure to hide, or reveal, our bodies


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In this day and age, it's all about dressing to suit your own parameters: If you feel like modest fashion would suit your needs or beliefs, then great, there's more of it around than ever. If, on the other hand, you feel most confident when flashing some flesh (and that it has nothing to do with pleasing others) that's also excellent news. Both camps are fully catered for by the runways of S/S 18.

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9. Think outfit planning doesn't work


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I'm not saying you have to plan head-to-toe the night before, but in all honesty, there are very few of us who can grab and go successfully. Even just deciding that you'll wear a particular blouse for a certain important meeting one day creates a basis from which you can build upon. A faster turnaround and more likely a better outfit result—we are definitely going to plan more and not feel like control freaks about it.

10. Vow to lose weight to get into something


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Do we need to say more? This rarely ever works and is a downright sad process throughout. Buy what fits you well, and ignore the number on the label.

11. Not pay enough compliments


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Whilst being sensitive to your own needs, it's also a worthwhile initiative to pay other people compliments. Many men and women dress to impress, and would always accept and appreciate that little pat on the back from a fellow fashionable person. We all know how it makes us feel, so don't forget to share some sincere love for another stylish human's get-up.

12. Ignore clothes that make you happy


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You love acid-green tulle? Then keep on buying it. Couldn't live without a rainbow-stripe jumper? We say the more knits the merrier. If there is something that really speaks to you, go with it, no matter how barmy it might seem or how "un-trendy" it may appear in any given moment. The truth is, if you adore it, it will probably suit you, and nothing looks better than wearing clothes that reflect your fashion DNA.

Below, shop some of the pieces that make ME happy!

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