Ditching These Items in My Closet Made Me 10 Times Happier


Collage Vintage

There is a difference between saying you hate everything in your closet and owning items that actually make you feel sad. When it comes to your wardrobe, stocking it with items that make you happy should be a number one rule. If you agree, then why are you holding on to pieces that trigger feelings of insecurity, disappointment, or the kind of nostalgia that hurts, such as pants you used to fit into or gifts from someone special who is no longer in your life?

In my opinion, life is hard enough, so when it comes to my closet, I want it to be a place where I can temporarily escape to; one that makes me feel like the best version of my current self, and nothing else. Here, I break down the items I (not so easily) tossed from my closet in order to make my life a happier one overall. From personal experience, I can tell you that letting go of the five types of items ahead was not a walk in the park, but after ripping off the Band-Aid, I live a life that is generally more peaceful and rarely interrupted by the minor roadblocks I had tucked away in the depths of my closet.

Go on to read about the items I ditched from my closet that lead to a happier life!

What items are you storing in your closet that you could probably toss? Let me know in the comments below!

Opening Image: Collage Vintage