I Asked 7 Streetwear Fans for the Cult Items to Buy Right Now, and They're Good

As a dedicated sneakerhead, it didn't take long for my brain to become fully immersed in the streetwear scene. With a new, hyped-up sneaker release or emerging brand always on the horizon, you'd be hard-pressed to find a corner of the internet as continuously active as the Hypebeast community. But streetwear is not just sneakers and baggy hoodies. The recent proliferation of women designers and tastemakers within the space has opened up a lane of inventive designs that go beyond logo T-shirts. 

Along the way, I've discovered a group of women who continually push the boundaries with their creative style and fresh takes on streetwear. To get a glimpse into which styles and trends are sure to hit big this season, I turned to a few of them for their shopping guidance. From colorful kicks to exhilarating prints, keep scrolling to see the cool finds they can't stop thinking about.

Tori Robinson and Leah O'Malley, @boyslie

This year, I've made it a point to support more women-designed and female-led streetwear brands, and one of the names I've been heavily scoping out is Boys Lie. Although I recently discovered the label (I'll admit I'm late to the party), founders Leah O'Malley and Tori Robinson have steadily been building their brand since its launch in 2019, with celebs like Gigi Hadid and Halsey among its fans.

Shop Tori's picks:

"One of the trends I am seeing a lot across all boards is the '90s theme, which I am loving and incorporate into my wardrobe daily."

"Another one I have been paying close attention to and where the inspiration came for our summer collections are colors—lots of them. Orange, browns, and greens are having a huge moment right now, and I can't get enough of this retro-futuristic aesthetic! With colors that neutralize the '90s appeal, I have been learning more about dye processes and the imprints pigments can make on clothing."

Shop Leah's picks:

"I love seeing sustainable products coming into the mix of things in this industry's space. It's something I think Boys Lie is wanting to gear toward in 2022. Vintage tees and denim have always been a true favorite of mine, and it's been really cool to see how people are reusing/remaking products. Our upcoming releases even reference some of Tori's and my favorite shirts, which we've collected over the years." 

"Another trend I really enjoy has been the DIY kid's kits for beading. I've spent a small amount of my downtime making cute chokers and bracelets to wear on the weekdays/weekends."

Nadia Idder, @nadiaidder



There's being a sneakerhead, and then there's being Nadia Idder. The influencer's collection of Nikes is impressive, to say the least. Idder has Jordans, Air Forces, and Dunks of almost every color imaginable, which she often styles with color-coordinating pieces.

Shop Nadia's picks:

"I love that the loose-fit jeans trend is back! It's so stylish to me, and I definitely prefer them over skinny jeans. Style them with a cute cropped top and some sneakers and you're good to go!"

"Oversize T-shirts are also something I wear a lot. I just love that effortless look. Drew House has the best fit for them. Oversize fit with dropped shoulder, just how I like it!"

"Sweatsuits will always be my favorite thing to wear. They're comfy, but they can also be very stylish. The way they fit is very important for me. They need to be oversize. This brand, Kpodonou, did that so well—definitely one of my favorite brands when it comes to tracksuits."

"Sneakers are basically the only thing I wear when it comes to shoes. There are just so many options, and you can style them with everything. From jeans to joggers to a dress, it just always works. I'm into these Nike Air Zoom Fires right now."


Moe Olivia, @moeblackx



If you're tired of cookie-cutter outfit inspo, Moe Olivia is your girl. Whenever I'm in need of out-of-the-box styling ideas, Olivia's IG account is chock-full of unexpected outfit combos that get my own sartorial juices flowing. She's definitely one of the people who convinced me trucker hats aren't so bad.

Shop Moe's picks:

"I'm obsessed with the whole 'coconut girl' trend! I think cute, vintage vacation souvenir–inspired baby tees are so sick. You can throw that on along with a pair of '90s dad shorts, and you look like you're fresh from the Florida Keys." 

"Matching sets—especially terry cloth ones—are one of my loves right now. They're so cute for a beach day or shopping with friends. Plus, it takes the stress out of picking an outfit."

"I’m obsessed with Martha Calvo, but I feel like her earrings are super slept on! I love to put my hair in a claw clip, so these really help elevate a simple hairstyle."

"Chunky flip-flops are so cute! They look good with anything, and now, you can actually wear flip-flops to a cute dinner and still look stylish."


Jourdan Ash, @lifewithjrdn



For New York–based writer and podcaster Jourdan Ash, streetwear is a lifestyle. Last year, she founded True to Us, a brand that focuses on uplifting Black women within the streetwear space. In addition to amplifying Black voices through her work, Ash designs a line of limited athleisure drops.

Shop Jourdan's picks:



"I love cool pants! As someone who can never find her size in jeans in a store, I swear by getting custom jeans. They fit perfectly, and more importantly, they don't look like anyone else. I just copped a pair from this young Brooklyn-based designer named @Yahtusaabe on IG. I just bought these!"

"I also usually get custom jeans from Bronx-based artist Stanley Steel or Ohio-based denim reconstructionist Shelby of House of Tame."

"I'm typically a Nike AF1 kind of girl, so Adidas's Forum 84 really caught me off guard! I have the Friends and Family pair from Bodega, and they're a high-top that looks great with a tennis skirt, which I've also been very into lately."

Ida Broen, @idabroen



Hailing from Oslo, Norway, Ida Broen's colorful closet is like a bag full of skittles. The 27-year-old PR and creative consultant is also an expert monochromatic dresser and has some of the coolest pieces of outerwear around.

Shop Ida's picks:

"Some summer sandals in a cute pink I'd love to wear all summer!"

"I’m really obsessed with Salomon sneakers right now and want them in every color."

"Here's a cool bucket for warm days. I'm a fan of both the brand and the terry cloth fabric!"

"I believe we all need some good loafers, and these masculine Prada boots are on my list. I've been looking for them since forever."

Banna Girmay, @banniakabread

Readers of Who What Wear will see a familiar face in L.A. creative Banna Girmay. When she's not reporting on the best streetwear trends for Who What Wear, she's busy designing and curating for her label Mama Banna—a clothing brand inspired by Girmay's Eritrean roots.

Shop Banna's picks:

"The large-scale-prints trend is a delightful departure from the smaller-scale patterns (like the checkerboard print) we are used to seeing in streetwear." 

"I'm seeing more and more designers embrace large-scale prints to create wearable art on the go, which can come in the form of an actual Basquiat print or disarmingly absurd trompe l'oeil–inspired pieces that I'm personally obsessed with. I'm looking forward to leaning into the playfulness of this trend and wearing it in typically mundane settings to romanticize my life and catch people off guard."

"I've been wearing second-skin tops for a minute to spice up my layering game and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. In the winter, I wear them under sweaters for added dimension, and this summer, I'm wearing them to the beach as a cover-up over my bikini or paired with baggy pants for balance." 

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