I Tried to Walk 50,000 Steps in Strappy Sandals to Test How Comfy They Are

I walk on average 12,500 steps a day and I once got a blister from a pair of UGG boots. I should be sticking to Tevas this summer, not the alternative trending sandal, which is barely there stilettos. Net-a-Porter revealed it has already sold 11,000 pairs this year—and the trend for these super-fine strappy sandals was undeniably started by The Row, with its £650 slingbacks. Fashion people have strongly argued that these shoes are "comfortable"— I had suspected this was a line to justify that price.


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To see if this shoe style can make it till the best man's speech, I volunteered to walk 50,000 steps in strappy sandals. I started with my best-looking shoe—a pair of rope-strappy heels—and I made it approximately 110 steps to the gates of my complex, and had to change into the emergency trainers in my bag. These have self-tying straps around the ankle, meaning that your ankle can swing inside the shoe—ones for Uber-dinner-bed. 

A pair of shoes that did make it past the gate, to the tube and a full 9000 steps later was the Topshop Strippy sandals. I have now worn these to five work dinners, and they have successfully made it through my 15-minute walk to the tube without a Compeed. The very slim straps mean they only lightly touch the foot, not putting too much pressure on any points, and the fixed straps around the ankle and across the middle of the foot mean they feel surprisingly supported for how slight they are. The best thing, however, is the open toes, as for many of us this is the main blister zone. 


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The £46 Topshop heels. 


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From trying on several pairs, I have learned that fine straps in key places (rather than unnecessary criss-crossing) is the most comfortable. To find out the reason these are shoes I can walk in, I spoke to a podiatrist for her professional opinion. "Strappy sandals can feel more comfortable than a court shoe," says Dina Gohil, MD, founder of DG Podiatrist Mayfair. "Having a strap around the ankle can provide more support, which helps the foot feel more secure. Secondly have an additional strap in the middle section of the foot provides mid-foot support, which also adds more stability."


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"Last but not least, having an open-toe sandal means your toes are able to breathe, not be squashed, and move as they would like to," she adds. "A little tip: Make sure the strap at your toes isn't too tight when you try them on as your feet will expand during wear after some time, which can cause blisters and cuts. Soft leathers and suedes are the best."

Gohil has just perfectly described The Row shoes.


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