This New Brand Is Making Strapless Bras "Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen"

evelyn and bobbie bras


Evelyn and Bobbie

Last spring, we alerted you to a new lingerie brand that raised a whopping $81,000 on Kickstarter in just two days. That brand was Evelyn and Bobbie, and eight months later, it's up and running and ready to fulfill all your everyday lingerie needs.

The main attraction of Evelyn and Bobbie's initial launch is the Everyday Bustier Bra, a strapless bra that the brand says is "unlike anything you've ever seen." Elaborating, E&B adds, "A revolutionary bra with unrivaled fit, support, quality and comfort. This bra was created with your body and physiology in mind—challenging the traditional design of the underwire bra and using technology and innovation to advance the everyday comfort of women everywhere."

Hallmarks of the bra include 360-degree support sans underwire (because comfort), removable straps (and it won't fall either way), five different "nude" offerings to match a variety of skin tones, and sizing up to 38G at this time. Furthermore, by requiring you to take a quiz and your measurements to find the best fit, the brand can pretty much guarantee you a bra that feels as though it's made for your body. Intrigued? We don't blame you. Shop the Evelyn and Bobbie Everyday Bustier Bra below.

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