I'm Pulling Up in Square-Toe Boots Till Further Notice

If you look through the annals of boot history, right behind the pointed-toe shoe stands her stepsister, the square-toe. Instead of fighting for the spotlight, square-toe is comfortable in the shadows of her popular sister. In fact, she has created her identity thereit’s actually what makes her cool. Those who wear square-toe shoes do so because they identify with that energy. To me, square-toe boots look a little bit grotesque in the absolute best way. They aren’t pretty in the conventional sense and call us to dig a bit deeper to see their beauty, which is precisely why I am drawn to them. 

This fall, square-toe boots have arrived in every shape and style from ’60s mod to ’90s sitcom, space cowgirl to witchy. Keep scrolling to find the best pairs for every price point across the internet. Your new bestie boot is waiting for you.

Knee-High Boots

2021's best square-toe boots: knee high boots



Between the '60s go-go boots and the miniskirt, this outfit feels so California flirty-cool. Knee-high boots look great with all the micro-minis that are currently trending and provide the retro vibes I'm seeking to re-create this fall. These boots also look great under midi and maxi dresses and skirts in a bohemian way. The possibilities are truly endless.

Shop knee-high boots:

The buckle detail and heel shape add so much character.

This gorgeous suede elevates any outfit for real. 

Ankle Boots

Square-toe boots peeking out from under a pair of pants is the perfect final touch for an otherwise simple outfit. Brands like Miista, Vagabond Shoemakers, and Eytys have made a name for themselves from this shape and have kindly expanded the options for us all. You'll want to make room for a pair or two of this shape alone—the lineup is that good.

Shop ankle boots:

These are simply the coolest.

I'm obsessed with Eytys right now.

This muted blue feels so Spanish to me.

Replace your 2019 pointed-toe white booties with these—trust me.

Camper is known for having the most comfortable shoes, so I know these are everyday-worthy.

Straightforward everyday boots. These will go with everything.

Where are my space cowgirls at? Also, this wedge situation is so cute.

Pointed Square-Toe Boots

2021's best square-toe boots: pointed square-toe boots



Being that we are currently in a cultural renaissance, it's appropriate for the pointed square-toe boots to also be making a resurgence. I'm loving the drama of this shape, which harkens back to the Marie Antoinette days. Showcase its evolution by baring plenty of leg and mixing in different stylistic inspirations to create something brand new. 

Shop pointed square-toe boots:

Who needs leather pants when you can have these?

The kitten-heel square-toe combo will never go out of style. 

Flat Boots

2021's best square-toe boots: flat boots



Last but not least is the earth sign of the bunch: sensible flat boots. Frye has been deep in this bag since its inception, and other brands like Durango and Paris France are making this shape a staple of their own. I love seeing these boots paired with lighthearted pieces, as pictured, to balance the groundedness of the style. 

Shop flat boots:

The perfect gardening boots.

These are inspiring me to go to Madrid.

Everyone in pointed-toe cowboy boots will be jealous of you in these.

Oof, this color reminds me of the galaxy. Plus, they're 50% off right now.

These zip up in the back so you don't have to untie them.