What I'm Buying to Dress Just a Little Bit Cooler This Spring

Pernille Teisbaek Street Style


Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

In my never-ending quest to dress like the coolest, most fashion-forward, and stylish version of myself, this week I rounded up 21 spring-ready pieces that feel aligned with my day-to-day style but one sartorial notch up—the types of items that don’t fly under the radar but actually stand out when you wear them. The hope, of course, being that if I implement as many of them as possible into my wardrobe this coming season, I’ll have elevated my day-to-day style. In fact, I’m banking on this so much that I’ve even started by purchasing a handful of the below already. (See: Ganni miniskirt, Jacquemus party outfit, Aritzia tee, and Who What Wear collection block-heel sandals.) Here’s to hoping it works!

To see and shop the 21 pieces I’m buying (or at least, hoping to buy) to dress just a little bit cooler this spring, keep scrolling.

A cool tee is the easiest way to upgrade your day-to-day look.

If I had this, I'd probably wear it every single day.

This hits on multiple spring trends. Plus, does it get any cooler than a leather trench?

Boots you can wear in any season.

Everyone looks more put-together in an actual blouse.

Whether I can pull them off is questionable, but that doesn't mean I don't want to try! 

I actually already bought this and the matching top and have zero regrets.

Again with the baby blue. I just can't get enough!

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