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Whether your taste in jewelry is classic and expensive or trendy and affordable, there's a lot to be learned from the talented group of jewelry experts featured ahead. As it is with the ready-to-wear world, jewelry experiences trend shifts from season to season and year to year. I can almost bank on the fact that you, my dear reader, have an assortment of jewelry, both fine and costume, that you keep on a tight rotation. But there's always room for a few new pieces to freshen up your go-to assortment, and the lovely ladies ahead are about to tell you why. 

Here to touch on some of the biggest jewelry trends of 2019 are a handful of this industry's most well-renowned experts. Today you'll hear from Jemma Wynne, Shelley Sanders of The Last Line, Zoë Chicco, and more on the styles you should consider for the year ahead. Some of the shopping options accompanying each trend range on the pricier side, but we encourage you to keep an open mind. Some of the biggest jewelry trends often begin to bubble up in the designs of fine jewelry brands, so staying abreast of what's going on in the world of fine jewelry is always a good idea in our book. 

Modern Pearls

"This trend toward modern 'cool-girl' pearls is only getting bigger. Women love pearls, but they're looking for newer, edgier, less perfect" ways to wear them. It all goes back to a look that's a little more undone but pulled-together. Our pearl climbers are a best-selling style, and this season we added a couple of new variations as well as a great stud that sort of hugs the ear, which we love to layer. The oxidized element gives it a more casual feel."— Stephanie Wynne Lalin and Jenny Klatt, of Jemma Wynne

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Ear Stacking

"With the rise of interest in multiple piercings, our Crescendo Flare Earrings have been receiving a lot of requests. It's a great piece to wear alone or pair with other piercings."—KatKim

"I feel like it's more common than ever to have multiple piercings, and recently we've seen a lot of interesting connected earrings. Our double huggie with chain has been super popular. You can wear them adjacent to connect your first and second piercings or higher up on cartilage."— Shelley Sanders, jewelry designer of The Last Line

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"There’s nothing sweeter than a semi-neon surprise—a bright sock, a dash of color on the wrist, a neon scarf. It’s not an investment like a coat or a bag. It’s just a little something that makes you smile.” — Roxanne Assoulin

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"I think for so long emeralds were viewed as such a 'fancy' stone, reminiscent of the Bulgari suite that Richard Burton gifted Elizabeth Taylor when they were filming Cleopatra. I certainly wouldn't mind having those pieces in my jewelry wardrobe, but I do think there's something to be said for all of the very fresh ways we're seeing jewelers work with emeralds today. I love how Jemma Wynne's Toujours bracelet features an emerald set on a heavy gold chain—it gives it a very casual but super-luxe sensibility, making it perfect for every day."— Danielle Gadi, founder, Danielle Gadi PR

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"I'm seeing a HUGE uptick in younger women wanting to collect vintage pieces, be them signed or unsigned. I think they love the history of these pieces and the exceptional quality in which fine jewelry was made decades ago. A lot of the interest is also driven by the limited availability and the fact that many of these pieces are one of a kind. I get tons of requests for vintage chokers, especially Marina B., coin pieces from Bulgari, and anything in heavy gold reminiscent of the 1970s. Today's cool girls are taking these styles of the past and reinterpreting them on the street with T-shirts and jeans." — Jill Heller, vintage jewelry expert and curator 

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"I think the overall concept of people wanting jewelry that feels really personal to them, that tells their story and makes them feel good, is a trend that's going to continue on. Hearts, in particular, are having a major resurgence, and they're done in such creative, exciting ways. Again, it's intimate jewelry that makes people feel good." — Danielle Gadi, founder, Danielle Gadi PR 

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"The more color the better, especially if it's fine jewelry! The demand for popping color has been a strong pattern." — Leehe Segal, Bleeker and Prince designer 

"What I love about colorful jewelry is that it's fun and playful. Classic fine jewelry is usually so serious. I just love looking down at my ring filled fingers and seeing color. It honestly makes me happy and brightens up my day. My new collection features some new colors I haven't worked with in the past—a mix of different jewel tones stones.” — Erin Sachse, Eriness 


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"Chains, chains, and more chains in all forms from a classic Figaro chain to those with diamonds and everything in between. I am seeing them styled alone or layered up with pendants for a more personal look." — Shelley Sanders, jewelry designer of The Last Line

"One of the trends that I think will continue to be strong in 2019 is what I like to call 'heavy metal,' chunky linked chains and larger scale pieces. We debuted this collection with curb chain (or Cuban link) and large oval link chain in 2018, and it was very well received. This year we are adding more to the collection and bringing in new chain options as well. I think women are looking for larger statement pieces to layer with their everyday styles. We want to be able to offer both, and in some cases, a few of those chunkier chain pieces have become part of my everyday collection.” — Zoe Chicco

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“A trend that I’ve always believed in is personalization. Whether it’s hand-engraving, birthstones, or other custom elements, there’s something that feels both of-the-moment and everlasting about a piece that’s personalized just for you - and it’s something I know we’ll be seeing more of this year as people are eager as ever to invest in something special. I know I’ll be wearing mine throughout 2019.” — Ariel Gordon

"Personal, intimate, original jewelry will always be on trend which is why I choose something from our Di Me Series. Di Me means "tell me" in Spanish—an intimate tell me--like tell me something that no one else can know—but contained inside a diamond ring—so nobody knows but me." — Marla Aaron

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