The Only Shoe Trends That Will Matter for the Next 6 Months

It was my fellow editor Michelle Scanga who first pointed out her secret for spotting the next big accessory trends: Reformation models. The brand's shoot stylists have kept it up and continue to assemble the latest must-have accessories with each biweekly crop of new arrivals. Covetable sunglasses, bags, and hats are regularly present and accounted for, but it's the footwear they pair with those breezy dresses, tops, skirts, trousers, and jumpsuits that we really keep a close eye on. And, as to be expected, the spring shoe trends they're endorsing are on 10 out of 10 fashion girls' spring wish lists right now.

Some of their shoe styles of choice veer toward the more classic (e.g., Gucci loafers) and some that they endorse are decidedly "trendy," in the best way possible (e.g., Lucite-strap mules). And that's exactly what a well-rounded shoe wardrobe should consist of: both classic and directional styles. Being the fashion detectives we are, not only did we compile a list of shoe trends that Reformation is using on repeat, but we also found the exact shoes that the models are wearing (along with more affordable options for some of them, in case Balenciaga isn't in the budget).

Keep scrolling to shop the only shoe trends that will matter for the next six months, according to the experts at Reformation.