Sofia Vergara on Her High-Tech New Shapewear Line (and Summer Beauty Secrets)


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Dressed in vibrant tulip-patterned frocks in a chandelier-lit suite at Beverly Hills's Peninsula Hotel (florals for spring—groundbreaking, I know), Sofia Vergara and I sip Pellegrino while chatting all things summer beauty and style. Afternooning with scarily flawless Emmy winners is not exactly my average weekday; I've been invited to Vergara's suite to celebrate her just-launched collection of shapewear.

Comfort Shape is a new collection from EBY, an underwear subscription service offering comfy thongs, briefs, bikinis, boy shorts, and now shapewear, co-founded by Vergara. EBY is known for its seamless flocking technology and use of material made of smoothing silicone but with a velvety feel, which was modified to create this line of shapewear promised to move with your body instead of suffocating it. "You think of shapewear as the stuff you wear for special occasions but because of the technology we've been able to achieve a product that's super comfortable so you can look like you're ready for a red carpet every day. You don't have to suffer," Vergara told me. "That's the magnificent thing about our shapewear. It doesn't torture you."

Graced with this chance to talk all about fashion and beauty with Vergara, I asked the actress to spill her summer must-haves. From her drugstore sensitive skin staples to the "old lady" hat style she's obsessed with, here's how Vergara is doing 2019 summer beauty and fashion.

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What are your holy-grail summer fashion and beauty items right now?

A pair of Walmart by Sofia Vergara jeans, of course. A pair of EBY underwear. Can I have two for when one is in the wash? Okay, I'll do two of those. A big sarong, which you could do as a sarong or a dress, day to night. And a hat to cover my face from the sun. I have a little house in the Bahamas and I have a fucking crazy collection of hats so everyone can have one. And it's so funny because there must be 25 hats in the bucket, and I always go for the same one: a visor. An old lady visor. I don't know why I go for that. I guess it's because I want the sun to hit my head but not my face?

For beauty, I love waterproof mascara in the summer, which always looks sharper in the heat. I use Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara. And lipstick, usually a mauve color. And sunblock, sunblock, sunblock. La Mer has a great body sunblock

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What are some clothing pieces or beauty products you're excited about using for summer?

Because of my body type, I've never been able to be a true "fashion girl." Not everything goes well with my body type, and I'd rather look well than be trendy. So I just stick with the things that I know work for me. Dresses like the one I'm wearing today—Dolce & Gabanna. I know I can go there, and it fits me, and I don't have to worry about it. I have a 26-year-old niece who has my body type, but, you know, young [laughs] and she can wear anything, so I just live through her. 

But this summer I'm really into those stretchy two-pieces with like a tube top. I want to wear more of those. But am I too old?


I also love off-the-shoulder tops. EBY is going to come out with an off-the-shoulder bra, actually. 

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I am quite speechless looking at the flawlessness that is your skin. What is your at-home routine like?

It's changed a lot with age. I'm going to be 47 this July, and, unfortunately, because of the high-heat lamps on sets (and I live on a set), I've developed rosacea. I've been struggling with that for six or seven years. It's hard because I get really red, so I've realized that I've had to treat my skin like sensitive skin, where I didn't before. I used to love products and would try anything. You name it—you tell me to put cement under my eyes, and I'd try it. But unfortunately, now all the fun is gone for me. I can't really wear rich moisturizers or rich oils. Now I have to keep it simple. 

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What steps do you take to care for your sensitive skin?

I'm very religious about taking my makeup off every night. No sun. I mean, it's no mystery. The typical things that everyone has always told you to do for your skin—those things work. Sleeping enough. Don't drink too much. Don't be in the sun without sunblock. Take your makeup off.

What are some of your favorite products right now?

Very simple stuff. Cetaphil cleanser and eye makeup remover. I try different ones all the time, because people recommend me stuff, especially in this business. But the basic stuff works best for me. For sunscreen, I'm using Supergoop! and it's been really good. I also use a calming serum—that's my go-to. The serums from Luzern are really good. They don't irritate me. I basically use anything calming. Nothing sexy. Everything has that fucking word "calming." 

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Who's your beauty icon?

Tie among Linda Rodin, Hari Nef, and David Bowie.

Who are your 5 favorite people to follow on Instagram?

@petracollins @katiejanehughes @alwaysjudging @bonnyrebecca @hotdudesreading

What's the beauty essential you can’t live without?

If I have some brow gel and Sisley's Phyto-Lip Twist, I'm good to go forever.

What's your desert island album?

Death Cab for Cutie's Transatlanticism

What's your favorite story?

Game of Thrones's Nathalie Emmanuel looks so achingly beautiful in our feature with her that I think it's gonna have to be that!