7 Beauty Editors and Experts Reveal Their Holy-Grail Sunscreens and SPF Tips

The hunt for a face sunscreen that isn't a total chore to slather on is year-round—and it's a question constantly at the tip of Who What Wear readers' tongues. Where oh where are the sunscreens that won't clog your pores, leave a white cast, smell weird, or feel like liquid chalk on your face? Of course, the easy answer is to say they don't exist and to forgo daily face sunscreen altogether—though skin health experts caution against it. Even on days when you're not hiking or at the beach, UV damage can accumulate to cause dark spots, wrinkles, and a ruddy complexion (not to mention more seriously health-risking issues). "When out in the sun or even outdoors on a cloudy day, you should reapply a generous layer every 90 minutes," advises celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau

But being good about sunscreen is only feasible once you've found a product or two you can actually stand. In order to provide the best recommendations, we hit up fellow beauty editors from all our favorite publications—from Allure to Teen Vogue to Bustle—and asked them to share their holy-grail sunscreens (plus their wisest SPF advice). These selective folks have tried practically every sunscreen on the market while acquiring smart suncare intel from the industry's leading experts. Read on to see their top products and tips.

Sam Escobar, Digital Editorial Director at Allure

Sara Tan, Contributor at Allure and InStyle, Co-Host Gloss Angeles Podcast

Tahirah Hairston, Fashion and Beauty Features Director at Teen Vogue

Marie Lodi Andreakos, Freelance Editor for The Cut, Elle, Bustle

Jessica Chia, Contributing Editor at Allure

Amanda Montell, Author and Freelance Writer/Editor

Marta Topran, Editorial at Ipsy

April Franzino, Beauty Director at Good Housekeeping, Woman's Day, and Prevention Magazine

Amanda Montell
Features Editor
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