The $185 Beauty Product Everyone Has Already Bought This Year

After hours of research and cross-referencing, countless email blasts and, oh yeah, even more hours of research and cross-referencing, we've put together an unofficial-official list featuring the 20 most sought-after beauty products of 2019 thus far. (And yes, our eyes are currently twitching and crossing. Thank you very much.)

Even though we're big proponents of living your own truth when it comes to cultivating your beauty aesthetic—aka not just adopting everyone else's shopping list—we'd be lying if we said the intrigue of what others are loving and hoarding means nothing to us. It does. Firstly, as beauty-obsessed people ourselves, we're just naturally curious what other beauty-loving peeps are sinking their teeth into. Secondly, current product trends give us a sense of what's to come and how the next class of covetable products might lie. We like to be ahead of the game, after all, and even though we often know about upcoming product launches before the masses, those buzzy debuts only tell half the story. What people are actually buying and loving is what can truly set the tone in the world of trends and product development. Have we piqued your interest yet?

We're honestly not too surprised by the below findings, and many of these makeup, hair, and skin elixirs have been topping the best seller lists for a while now. Alas, it's still fun to get all of the MVPs together under one roof. In fact, it's like the all-star game of product heavy hitters. Keep scrolling for the most-purchased beauty product across retailers (it's at the end our of our list!) prefaced by 19 honorable mentions we saw over and over while surfing Nordstrom, Sephora, Violet Grey, Dermstore, Amazon, Walmart, Goop, The Detox Market, Net-a-Porter, Ulta… Need we continue?

We already knew any product with the Charlotte Tilbury name has a loyal following, but we would have suspected her best-selling lipsticks or contour palettes may have taken the tops spot. Alas, it's this striking eye shadow quad in the shade Pillow Talk that's evidently the most popular among shoppers. 

As much as we love the look of a fluttery set of falsies, the glue and application process can be annoying. That said, this year, people are finally really leaning into the magnetic lash trend (it's mess-free!), and this affordable set from Ardell is shoppers' must-have pick.

Everyone from Kim Kardashian West to Victoria Beckham freaks out over this face cream. Even though it's only been on the market for a little over a year, it's already made an iconic name for itself thanks to its game-changing stem cell technology. The rich formula, in particular, (best for dryer skin types) is the top-selling iteration. 

It doesn't get any more classic (and beloved) than La Mer when it comes to wish list–worthy skincare. Of course, we saw multiple products with the La Mer name across the most popular products, but it was the classic cream (a must for ample hydration!) that seems to be the buyers' top pick. 

We were surprised that only a few hair products made our list of the best-selling beauty products across all of our favorite retailers, but this mane-changing spray from ColorWow was an undeniable trend among shopper favorites. It's a heat-activated concoction that uses advanced ingredients to guard strands against humidity, damage, and color fade. 

Regardless of the impressive sticker shock, there really is no competition performance-wise when it comes to hair dryers. We see all of our favorite stylists and colorists use this on their A-list clientele, and even though the dryer is a steep investment, it's a unanimous best seller at retailers like Ulta, Amazon, Sephora, and Walmart. 

Consider this the one setting powder the masses still go nuts for. It's the number one makeup product at Walmart, and it's also a top power player on Amazon. Oh, and did we mention it will cost you (maybe less than) a latte? 

As we mentioned earlier, most of these products we definitely saw coming, but this new piece from makeup artist Jillian Dempsey was a wild card. Alas, retailers like Goop, Credo, and Violet Grey say it's a favorite among shoppers. Plus, how pretty will it look on your vanity? (That and it will also help sculpt the eff out of your face!) 

Name a more iconic brow product—we'll wait. Whether it was on Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, or Amazon, we saw this cult-classic pencil over and over and over again. Shoppers can't get enough! 

Not only is this gorgeous elixir one of the most beautiful beauty products you can buy (point blank), but it's also one of the most multifaceted in its uses. It has a lovely scent and easily melts into the skin to add deep hydration and healing. Use it as a moisturizer post-cleanse or apply it as a more targeted eye and lip treatment. 

In 2019, no beauty kit is complete without this universal hair mender from Olaplex. Featuring the brand's signature and ground-breaking bond-building technology, this treatment re-fuses the broken hair bonds we tally due to chemical, thermal, and mechanical stressors to the hair. Plus, it works equally well for all hair types. 

Forget extensions. This highly rated serum is a favorite on Amazon, and it's actually the second-best-selling product at Walmart. You don't need a prescription, and the unique, clinically proven formula can help multiply and thicken your natural lashline in as little as four weeks. Plus, if you're irritation-prone, fear not. This one is ophthalmologist- and dermatologist-tested and free of potential aggravators like parabens and fragrances. 

Do we even have to explain this one? As one of the most iconic and well-loved skincare staples in the beauty industry, it's no surprise this skin-clearing serum is a consistent best seller at Dermstore. 

Say hello to the best foundation of all time. Makeup artists, beauty editors, celebrities, and, yes, stockpiling shoppers all fall into the same camp—in unanimous agreement that this buildable cult classic simply can't be beat on the foundation front. To give you an idea of how much people love it, it's racked up over 2000 reviews on Sephora's website with an average rating of 4.3 stars.

As far as favorite fragrances go, we definitely noted Le Labo as a common thread among top-selling products, but interestingly, it was this pretty scent from Chanel (so chic) that edged the other brand out in terms of mass popularity. It's a signature and boasts trademark notes of bergamot, orange, jasmine, rose, patchouli, vetiver, white musks, and vanilla. 

During our research, we were amazed by how many of Dr. Barbara Sturm's best-selling serums we noticed. Because it's hard to choose (although, her hyaluronic acid and brightening elixirs were definitely at the forefront of the top-selling skincare picks), we're dropping her brilliant Serum Discovery Kit here for your experimentation purposes. 

The most sought-after sunscreen? This dermatologist and facialist fave from Supergoop! It's one of the best if you're looking for zero residue or grease but with top-notch quality and protection. Plus, it's brilliant worn underneath your makeup. 

Anything that mimics a professional manicure (but with DIY convenience) will always be a home run for us. This handy kit from Serendipity consistently flies off the beauty product–filled shelves at Walmart.

If Armani's formula has too intense of a sticker shock, try opting for this drugstore favorite from Maybelline. it's an under-the-radar best seller and gives a radiant, firm, and overall flawless finish thanks to strategic ingredients like caffeine, goji berry, and more. Oh, and it's also infused with SPF for a one-two punch of coverage and protection. 

So what's the one product everyone seems to have already purchased this year? The holy-grail serum of all holy-grail serums—Vintner's Daughter's Active Botanical Serum. It was consistently among the top three best sellers at multiple retailers like Violet Grey, Goop, Nordstrom, and more. It's the first out of the brand's single two products, and you can read all about the line here

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