I Test Over 100 Beauty Products a Month—Here Are 31 I Use Every Day

My affinity for beauty products dates long before my time as an editor. Back in high school, I struggled with problematic skin, so I was always on the hunt for products that would help with breakouts and makeup that would make me feel confident when dealing with them. I was also visiting my dermatologist on the regular to try new treatments and asked questions to investigate the science behind products I was using and how they were interacting with my skin. Since then, my skin has cleared up, but I still love testing and discovering beauty products that work for me.

Between events I’m attending as an editor, products I’m sent from upcoming launches, and trips to the store to test out buzzy items I want to get my hands on, I’m constantly trying out new beauty products. What that means is that my bathroom has become the testing grounds for upward of a hundred beauty items each month. Yep, I’m constantly experimenting with the newest face masks, eyeliners, and microcurrent tools designed to resculpt my cheekbones as well as serums and jars filled with creams that promise to reverse any skin damage I have—and so much more.

After all of the products I’ve tried out over the years, which ones are a part of my regular routine? Ahead, I'm highlighting 31 of the best everyday beauty products I’ve tested and personally vouch for. Whether they're luxury items or affordable pharmacy products I swear by, go on to see why of each them has a permanent place in my beauty routine.