The Right Way to Wear Socks With Open-Toe Shoes

socks with open toe shoes


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Our shoe choices for the winter months often whittle down to the same pair of boots, and though to some of us, picking out the right footwear for chilly weather might seem tricky and limiting, there are ways to have fun with it. This time around, we're bringing back the open-toe shoes we loved wearing during the summer with one key accessory: socks! And yes, socks with open-toe shoes is definitely experimental, which is why we’ve rounded up nine fashionable ladies that have put together outfits wearing the quirky combo for inspiration.

Scroll down for tips and tricks on how you can sport this look for the winter and consider our shopping picks for open-toe shoes and socks!

Balance out the fun print of the outfit with polka-dot socks. 


Gastro Chic

Lace socks are always a chic touch to an all-black outfit.

Streamline the color scheme by matching the color of your socks to your sweater.

When in doubt, black socks are the way to go to keep your toes warm and your outfit polished.

Try wearing darker socks to prevent drawing attention away from your colorful winter coat.

Or go all out and pair some bright red socks to stand out from the crowd.

Socks that come up to the calves are great alternatives when it's warm enough to forgo tights.

Scrunch up the socks around the ankles for a more relaxed look.

Bring back your favorite pair of slip-ons by adding socks.

Shop our favorite sock-and-shoe pairings:

Available in sizes 35 to 42.

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