This Comfortable Boot Trend Is Here to Stay for Fall

Shoe trends come and go, and then they come around again (as evidenced in the recent revival of ’90s strappy sandals), but there’s a particular footwear style that has held its ground as a force (err, shoe) to be reckoned with season after season: sock boots. Part booties, part socks, the shoes’ incredible comfort (not to mention eye-catching design) is what has made it, time and time again, a favorite among street style stars and celebrities alike. Now, if you haven’t yet dipped your toes into this footwear trend, we certainly suggest you give it a try, because in addition to being comfortable and cool-looking, sock boots are also incredibly versatile, meaning you can wear them with everything in your autumn wardrobe rotation—whether it’s with a pair of skinny jeans or a casual-chic maxi dress–and-sweater combo.

To help you plan and perfectly execute the best fall sock-boot outfits, we’ve rounded up some images below that feature, you guessed it, some of our favorite fashion girls sporting the comfortable footwear trend. So take note from these looks, scoop up a couple of new pairs of sock boots, and get ready to wear them with everything this season.

Next up, check out all the best boot brands that should be on your radar.

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