15 Outfits to Wear With Strappy Sandals 

We talk a lot about shoe trends—and for good reason. Shoes are such an easy but highly effective way to dress up (or down) an outfit and always act as the grounding element (quite literally) to a look. And because they're constantly changing (either new ones emerging or old ones resurfacing), there's always a fresh and cool pair of sandals, sneakers, or slides worth covering. That leads us to our current footwear obsession—and we're quite certain you're familiar with it, especially if you're a '90s baby. Strappy sandals are everywhere right now and are being worn with just about everything from classic white jeans to miniskirts. It's their versatility and eye-catching '90s-inspired design that makes them so covetable, but they're also super comfortable, so we fully understand why everyone's been sliding into a pair.

Ahead we've picked out how some of our favorite fashion girls have been rocking the strappy sandals, and after you see just how cool they make any outfit look, you'll certainly want to purchase a pair (or two). Read on to see and shop the best strappy sandal outfits of the summer.