These Travel Backpacks Will (Actually) Hold All Your Stuff


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It’s just over two weeks until the end of the year, meaning that holiday travel is on everyone’s mind. We know you likely have all your luggage organized and sorted for those quick weekend jaunts and longer trips back home (and not to worry if you don’t—we have you covered). But checked luggage aside, the one piece that so often makes or breaks our travel experience—and this is especially true when flying—is our carry-on bag. While tote bags and duffels have a higher capacity to hold all our essentials and then some, we’re looking at the chicest backpacks to get us through the most hectic of holiday travel. For obvious reasons, swapping out our tote for a sleek backpack can save us so much time when going through security and racing to your gate (here’s hoping that won’t be our reality).

With the plethora of miniature backpacks we saw this year, it’s no surprise that you might overlook the bag as a travel-ready essential. But we dare you not to reconsider after witnessing the following 20 incredibly stylish options. From leather drawstring backpacks to whimsical faux fur and festive metallic versions, you’ll find every cool backpack worth traveling with here.

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The ultimate fusion of fashion and function.

Sized to hold a laptop, paperback, and a few more essentials, this Elizabeth and James backpack is perfect for your commute.

To all our minimalist readers out there, this backpack's for you.

The sleekest backpack we've seen in a while.

Disclaimer: It may take you a disproportionately long time to choose from all the colors this bag comes in.

Solange is a fan of this accessories brand. Just saying.

BRB, putting this velvet backpack on our holiday wish list.

You didn't think you needed a faux-fur backpack until you saw this one, did you? 

The brand's signature "needle" handle allows this carrier to double as a cool handbag.

Clean lines and modern details are what makes this leather backpack so special.

Metal piercing details make this bag feel a bit more forward than most.

You can't tell from the picture, but those laces are velvet. 

Do you also immediately think of that scene from 10 Things I Hate About You at the sight of this Prada backpack? Just checking.

We adore the rugged vibe of this one. And who doesn't love black?

This will look so cool with a leather moto jacket and sneakers.

In rich burgundy velvet, this is an ideal bag for holiday travel.

Shamelessly making all our purchase decisions based on whether or not we can use the KiraKira+ app with them.

This nylon backpack may surprise you with how lightweight it is.

And these aren't just for travel. You'll love how celebrities are carrying a backpack instead of a handbag.