The Best Luggage to Take on All Your Holiday Travels

Holiday travel… Those two words alone can incite an unnecessary amount of stress, given how exhausting getting from point A to point B can feel this time of year. If you happen to have a holiday schedule like mine that involves flying clear across the country to go home to see family, then you know all too well that the luggage you choose to bring along with you can make or break your trip.

I’ve found that the best way to pack efficiently is to have different pieces of luggage for every type of trip and every vacation duration. Because I can say from experience that it’s all too easy to overpack if you bring the same full-size bag along every time you’re heading for the airport. So just in time for the busiest travel season of the year, we’re bringing you our guide to the best luggage.

From a quick day trip to an extended stay abroad, shop for the exact luggage you need to travel in style this holiday season.