9 Ways to Wear the Same 2 Items for the Next 6 Months

Expressing your personal style should never limit you to being a one-trick pony, but having a reliable outfit combination on hand is always a good idea—especially one that offers you a plethora of styling options and can be worn in multiple seasons. One that comes to mind instantly is the combination of skirts and sweaters.

Consider it an alternative to other classic two-piece outfit combinations, such as jeans and a tee or a dress with sneakers. Plus, while scanning some recent street style photos, it was the skirt-and-sweater looks that stood out for being cozy, elegant, and versatile. We've selected nine of them that we're hoping to replicate. Scroll on below for a bit of two-piece outfit inspiration and a variety of ways to shake it up.

Cardigan-and–silk skirt outfits



A classic cardigan with a slip skirt mixes sleek and cozy textures. But you get bonus points if you pull off a color-block color palette, as well.

Extend the life of your party clothes by pairing your most special skirt with an oversize sweater.

Leather miniskirt–and-sweater outfits



A leather mini and bold turtleneck is a combination that can work for pretty much any occasion or plans you may have.

Tuck your oversize sweater into a bold pencil skirt to give it a more fitted appearance without losing any of its comfort.

Maxi skirt–and-sweater outfits



Your boldest maxi skirts don't need much else besides a classic  black crewneck sweater.

Monochrome is the foolproof way to create an impactful outfit. Pick a color and go for it.

Tiered and ruffled skirts may feel a bit summery, but not when worn with an oversize turtleneck layered on top. The combat boots help, as well.

Mock-neck sweater–and–gingham skirt outfits



This elegant combination of a plaid skirt and mock-neck sweater feels polished (but not stuffy).

Turn your skirt-and-sweater look up to an 11 with a combination of colors, patterns, and a pleated silhouette with a lot of movement.

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