I'll Only Wear Skinny Jeans in These Exact Outfit Formulas

From 2005 up until last year, skinny jeans were the bread and butter of every girl's wardrobe. Taking over from the low-slung boot-cut denim that ruled the '90s, the skintight style offered a more streamlined silhouette that harked back to the '80s drainpipe but wasn't quite as restrictive.

Kate Moss was one of the first champions of the trend in the early noughties, and her signature look of skinny jeans, ballet pumps, a slouchy tee, and a military jacket was replicated countless times over the decade. Unlike most fashion trends, skinnies caught the imagination of women of all ages and quickly went from seasonal trend to established wardrobe staple within a matter of months. Perhaps therein lies their longevity.

Despite skinnies holding the top spot for over a decade, straight-leg fits have recently seen a resurgence among the fashion crowd, and I have wholeheartedly welcomed the change—I could never quite get on board with the super-tight silhouette. However, over the last few months, I've noticed influencers embracing an altogether more mature and modern approach to skinny jeans, making me reconsider my dismissal of the noughties style.

From Camille Charrière's belted blazer to Lisa Folawiyo's leopard-print interpretation, these are all the outfit formulas that have convinced me that skinny jeans can look modern. Scroll down to see and shop all the looks.