17 Simple Bracelets You'll Never Have to Take Off

Simple bracelets



When it comes to jewelry, we all have certain pieces we never want to take off. Some are heirlooms that hold unrivaled sentimental value, and others are minimalistic pieces that just go with everything. The latter category is the subject of today’s roundup—specifically, simple bracelets. As much as we love eye-catching statement bracelets, these easy, uncomplicated ones provide a refreshing contrast, and they’ll go seamlessly with anything you wear, from casual looks to more formal ones. Ready to start shopping for your next everyday piece? We pulled together our favorites for you to add to your own jewelry collection. Wear them on their own for a more laid-back feel, or layer them in with your old favorites.

This takes us back to our charm bracelet days, minus the charms.

You'll love having this classic in your collection.

Who wouldn't want to add this fun little piece to their wrist?

This will look so cool among your jewelry collection.

Layer this with your other bracelets.

These will easily become part of your everyday wardrobe.

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