The 2022 Jewelry Capsule Wardrobe: 8 Pieces You'll Wear Every Day

The internet is filled with capsule wardrobes for every occasion and season (and Who What Wear is responsible for a significant portion of them—you're welcome). But today we're flipping the switch a bit by bringing you a jewelry capsule wardrobe. You probably already have a collection of everyday jewelry pieces, but in case you want to freshen it up for the New Year with some trend-forward pieces, you've come to the right place.

We selected eight jewelry pieces that are trend-forward, special, and great for daily wear. We kept the list relatively small because who has the time to pile on jewelry every day? Also, narrowing your jewelry purchases down to just the most wearable pieces means that you'll have more of your budget to spend on quality ones you'll actually wear—like the below.

Read on for the eight pieces of jewelry you'll wear over and over (together and on their own) this year and beyond.

Jewelry Capsule Wardrobe

1. Curb Chain Bracelet

If you're a bracelet person, we recommend investing in a lightweight curb chain bracelet. They feel comfortable to wear (you could even sleep in them), and they have a subtle shimmer in the sun.

2. Colorful Rings

Colorful rings are certainly trendy, but there are versions on the market that are also timeless (like the highly covetable ones by Bea Bongiasca) and great for adding some excitement to your everyday jewelry look.

3. Bracelet Watch

You probably either love or hate wearing a watch. If you're part of the camp that loves it, we suggest investing in a bracelet watch, as it basically doubles as jewelry.

4. Simple Hoops

If you want a pair of everyday earrings you can literally sleep in, simple hoops (preferably made of genuine metal) are your best bet. They'll never ever go out of style.

5. Tennis Necklace

People are enamored with all things covered in crystals these days, so it's no surprise that tennis necklaces are trending. A genuine one will set you back a few grand, but luckily, we found a few that will leave people guessing.

6. Dangly Pearl Earrings

We've found that no earring style goes from day to night more effortlessly than a pair of beautiful pearl drops. Whether simple or more ornate, they'll elevate whatever you're wearing.

7. Initial Necklace

Initial necklaces may be trendier during some seasons than others, but people love personalized jewelry all the time, so they've proven to be a special classic piece that's fun to wear on a daily basis.

8. Sparkly Studs

You can get away with sleeping (and even showering) in a pair of stud earrings, similar to simple hoop earrings. We're partial to ones with a bit of sparkle. This earring style is also great for mixing and matching if you have multiple piercings.