20 Gorgeous Haircuts That Will Make You Want to Chop Off All Your Hair

With the seasons changing, the urge to chop off all your hair might be stronger than ever. While this sentiment might normally be met with blank stares and reminders to exercise caution, it just so happens that short hair is majorly trending right now. And not just the ever-popular bob haircut either. Celebrities, fashion people, and hairstylists agree that all varieties of short hair are in. Rejoice!

So what does that mean for your short-hair aspirations this season? Good things, we think! From cuts to colors and all sorts of styles, all things short hair are gaining some well-deserved renewed interest. Ahead, check out the short-hair trends set to dominate the rest of the year. And be sure to scroll to the end to see the trendiest and most controversial look we can't believe is still going strong. Just you wait.

1. Extra-Short Bobs


(Image credit: @januaryjones)

The bob is poised to be the top hair trend of the decade, and the sleek chops just keep getting shorter and shorter. January's Parisian-inspired, chin-grazing look is so chic.


(Image credit: @jodiesmith)

No matter how short your bob is, there's always room for some beachy waves.

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2. Fringe and Bangs


(Image credit: @goldenbarbie)

Bangs and fringe aren't exactly new, but we love how they're being embraced by those with shorter hair lately. Take Jasmine's wispy corkscrew fringe for example. Just beautiful.


(Image credit: @chloehelenmiles)

Chloe's heavy curtain bangs are oh so cute paired with her short haircut.

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3. Short Shags


(Image credit: @alyssainthecity)

The quintessential shag haircut tends to run a little longer in length, but that doesn't mean short-haired folks can't get in on the action, too. Just look at Alyssa's polished short shag.


(Image credit: @gabifresh)

Gabi's tumbling curls further prove that short hair of any texture is perfectly shaggable. (See what we did there?)

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4. Retro Vibes


(Image credit: @kdeenihan)

Celebrity hairstylists predicted that '90s hair vibes would be big in 2021, and Millie's vintage flip proved their point. Vintage styles will continue to trend into 2022. She's giving us Clueless, and we have no choice but to stan.


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Halsey's Old Hollywood volume is making us want to throw it back a few more decades.

5. Hair Accessories


(Image credit: @kerrywashington)

There's really no hair length that isn't suitable for hair accessories, but there's something about adding decorative accents to short hair that feels extra elegant. Kerry's oversize pearl clips are just one option that looks chicer than chic.


(Image credit: @justinemarjan)

These tiny accents are so lovely paired with a low bun.

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6. Swept-Back Looks


(Image credit: @kaiagerber)

Whether you're rocking a bob, shag, or even a pixie cut, there's nothing more face-framing than a slicked-back look à la Kaia. It's so editorial and unbelievably low-effort.


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Here, Zoë's smoothed tresses are a bit more sculpted yet equally mod.

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7. Natural Textures


(Image credit: @venswifestyle)

Renia's amped-up bob is a beautiful cut to accentuate her soft ringlets.

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8. Braids


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Braids are timeless, but they've been gaining renewed momentum as one of the most popular hairstyles over the last couple of years. Braided accents, like Ruby's French braids, are an unexpected yet pretty addition to a signature pixie cut.


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Cleopatra's box-braided bob is almost too cool for words. And that color? Yes.

9. Color Play


(Image credit: @justinemarjan)

There's nothing like a pop of color to take any short haircut from regular to remarkable. Brittany's stark, face-framing streaks show just how much of a difference a little color makes on an otherwise standard cut.


(Image credit: @cinnamonryan)

If vibrant colors are more your speed, take note of Ryan's bold allover color.

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10. Mullets


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Mullets have been popping off ever since Miley Cyrus debuted hers, and by the looks of it, the controversial hairstyle is back for round two. Maisie Williams is among the flock of stars dedicating themselves to the grunge-inspired cut, and we have to say that we've never been more tempted to commit to such a wild look.


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Zendaya's temporary mullet was such a moment.

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