These Heels Are Meant for the Instagram Age

Ready to mix up your style for spring? Shoes with unique heels are the trend to try. Don’t get us wrong—we love our classic black pumps, but this head-turning shoe trend is taking over. For the moments you find yourself in a fashion rut, why not switch out your everyday sneakers for shoes that feature something unexpected?

Statement shoes are one thing, but statement heels? They’re especially unexpected. From spherical heels to stacked sculptures, these shoes will take your footwear to a whole new level. Besides, when your shoes are works of art, there’s no way you can’t stop and snap a photo for your Instagram feed.

Ready to dip into the unexpected heel trend? We rounded up our favorites on the market that’ll cause everyone to take notice. Whether you opt for simple mules or summer sandals, these shoes will add an extra layer of intrigue to any outfit.

Show off your unique and individual personality with a pair of heels like these—because just like you, they were made to stand out.