It's Settled—These Shoes Complement Long Dresses the Best

Wearing a dress with any of your shoes is kind of a guessing game. We don't know why it is, but it seems every dress we own has a different pair of shoes that look best with it. Take midi dresses, for instance, whose below-the-knee length almost never looks good with anything ankle strap (it's the quickest way for calves to appear stumpy)—we love the dress instead with mules. The same general rules apply to long dresses, too. Which is why we thought it best to settle the matter once and for all: Knee-high (particularly slouchy) leather boots are the shoes that look best with long dresses.

Whether paired with a floaty, printed, or asymmetrical dress, their substantial weight is what grounds the pretty frock and creates a cool contrast. The combination works with any dress and any pair of boots, too. Just ahead, fashion girls are showing us seven cool ways to wear the two. As long as the weather permits, we'll still be wearing our slouchy boots with long dresses.

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