A Photographer Told Us the #1 Trick for Shooting the Perfect Selfie

Whether your Instagram account is packed with selfies or you just snap one occasionally, you've probably attempted them before. Sometimes you just have to share those new Céline sunglasses with everyone, right? And if you're interested in perfecting the art of the selfie, we're here to help.

We reached out to photographer Nicholas Pakradooni for his expert advice. Nicholas works with Aimee Song and takes most of the photos for Song of Style. In other words, he knows his way around a camera, and if you need proof, look no further than his Instagram feed (@cholpak). Nicholas shared his tips for taking the perfect selfie every time—and it comes down to one important trick: lighting. Plus, he let us know a few more important tips.

Keep reading to find out Nicholas's selfie tricks which I put to the test myself, and then shop our favorite statement tops to wear in your next snap.