How to Take Selfies Like a Model

The invention of the front-facing camera changed the picture-taking game forever and introduced us to the ever-popular selfie: a self-portrait-like photograph that's taken by the subject featured. Regardless of your feeling about this type of photo, it's certainly not going to disappear from your Instagram feeds anytime soon, so it might be time to fully embrace it if you haven't yet. After all, it is the best way to show off your new haircut/makeup/earrings/necklaces, right?

Perfecting the art of the selfie, however, is no easy feat and may take several attempts until you get the best, most flattering shot possible. So to help you improve your selfie-taking skills, we decided to turn to the pros to analyze some of their best selfies, highlighting the photo tricks they used to get the best snap possible. That's right, how to take a selfie like a model, ahead. Get ready to rack up some serious Instagram likes.