Selena Gomez's $49 T-Shirt Has a Not-So-Secret Message

While the media is buzzing about a certain engagement, Selena Gomez is just over here living her life. Over the weekend, her friend shared an image of her and Gomez in swimsuits on a yacht, and on Monday, Gomez stepped out in New York City for some shopping with pals. Her new outfit is the epitome of comfort: she wore an oversize tee from Storets, sweatpants, and white sneakers. 

Her outfit might look nondescript, but if you zoom in a bit, you'll notice a not-so-secret message written plainly on the front of the T-shirt: "Only the strong survive." Did Gomez plan the statement T-shirt or was it a coincidence? We'll leave it up to you decide. In any case, it's only $49 and comes in three different colors, so you might want to scoop it up pronto. Scroll down to see her outfit and shop the T-shirt. 


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