Why This Blogger Wears Overalls Everywhere (Even to Weddings)

Plenty of fashion girls we know have their thing. It could be super-wide-leg pants, white tees always, or simply an all-black color palette. For We Wore What’s Danielle Bernstein, it’s overalls. No doubt about it. And since the best business owners are ones who are deeply passionate about what they’re selling, it only makes sense that Bernstein’s next step is launching her own line of—you guessed it—overalls.

“Overalls are a versatile, seasonless wardrobe essential that can be styled for both casual and dressy occasions,” the blogger and entrepreneur told us when we ask about the debut of Second Skin Overalls and its premiere five-piece collection, The Basics. Honestly, we can’t help but take her word for it. This devotee has even gone so far as to wear a pair to a wedding and swears by the onesie silhouette as a piece that has no limits.

Need further proof? Below, Bernstein divulges more about her fashion thing and gives us an exclusive peek at her new Second Skin Overalls styling video in which she transforms her designs in innumerable ways.

Scroll down for the exclusive video, interview, and first look at the debut collection.


Video by Brian Quist

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