Meet Sharon Chuter, the Founder and CEO Pushing the Beauty Industry Forward


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Sharon Chuter’s ethos is simple: Beauty starts the moment you start to be yourself. And in creating the beauty brand Uoma Beauty, Chuter accomplished just that. Launching just last April, Uoma Beauty is a makeup brand dedicated to rewriting the rules of inclusivity and diversity by creating a collection of innovative products that are aesthetically pleasing, radical, uncompromising, and most importantly, accessible to everyone.

Chuter has been an integral part of the beauty industry for quite some time. When she was just a teenager, she single-handedly introduced Revlon to her home, Nigeria. Prior to creating her own beauty brand, Chuter assumed various roles at multinational beauty businesses, including area operations manager at L’Oréal, and later, head of operations for Benefit Cosmetics, immersing herself in the beauty industry, but ultimately becoming frustrated by the lack of true representation in the industry. "Every business has an obligation to be in touch with the time that you're living in and contribute to making the world better as you make money. And if you can't do that, then you have to challenge why you exist,” Chuter explained to Second Life. Thus, Chuter pushed past the boundaries to shape the future of beauty into her vision of representation, diversity, and inclusivity.

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