Meet Sabeena Ladha: Founder and CEO of Deux, the Good-For-You Cookie Dough Brand


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Sabeena Ladha—the founder and CEO of Deux, the good-for-you cookie dough company—is completely revolutionizing the relationship between health-conscious eating and notoriously sweet foods by refusing to compromise taste and health. Chances are, you've seen the incredibly modern brand flood your Instagram over the last year with its innovative, quirky, and completely genius branding. Ladha launched the enhanced cookie dough about a year ago with best-selling flavors Chocolate Chip with immune support, Brownie Batter with collagen support, and Ginger Doodle with stress-relieving ingredients like ashwagandha. In a time when consumers are more mindful than ever about what is going into their bodies, Deux provides an answer. It's Ladha's unique mission to provide research-backed products made with fewer ingredients, placing a major emphasis on what ingredients that product doesn't have (think vegan and gluten-free) without jeopardizing the taste.


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Made to be baked or eaten straight from the jar, Deux is reintroducing health-conscious consumers to a category they're eager to consume once again, ultimately leading to astounding growth for the company. In fact, within its first year of launch, Deux has already landed on the shelves of Erewhon, a renowned L.A.-based health-food mecca, as its top-selling cookie dough brand, and of course, the brand has its own e-commerce website with nationwide shipping. 


(Image credit: Courtesy of Deux)

But before Ladha began disrupting the sweets industry, she embarked on quite the career path. In her early career, she worked at major food conglomerates Diamond Foods and PepsiCo, where she worked on the largest chip brand in the world, Lays. She then became a consultant at McKinsey & Company, where she was heavily involved in business development, working with companies at an early stage. And prior to that, she ran a venture studio at M13, where she helped launch several companies while also learning the playbook of building a successful consumer-packaged-goods brand. Listen to the latest episode of Second Life to hear how all of those past experiences led Ladha to a deep understanding of the world of consumer packaged goods in order to make a greater impact.

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