This CEO Has a Brilliant Perspective on Fighting Gender Inequality

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Second Life Podcast Interviews Reshma Saujani


Second Life

Reshma Saujani once had political aspirations, even becoming the first Indian American woman to run for Congress. Now, she's the CEO and founder of Girls Who Code, a nonprofit that aims to close the gender gap in technology. In the newest episode of Second Life podcast, Saujani tells host Hillary Kerr about her inspiring career path and her lofty goals. 

"We want to get girls to major or minor in computer science and close the gender gap in tech," she explains. "I wanted to teach a million girls to code. And I set that number really big intentionally because I knew that it would bother me if I didn't get there."

Saujani also got real about how the gender inequality she's experienced has helped light a fire in her and keep her motivated. "It's harder when you're a woman, right?" she said. "Harder when you're a woman of color. Harder when you are raising for girls' education. And a lot of that stuff really pissed me off, so I was more aggressive in many ways—more determined. I didn't take it personally when people said no."

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