Michelle Pfeiffer Created the Coolest New Fragrance Line of 2019

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Michelle Pfeiffer will always be one of the most popular and skilled actors of any generation, but that doesn't mean she can't add another career path to her résumé. Pfeiffer's new endeavor is a fragrance line that's far from the typical celebrity scent, and that, along with the story of her career and her best advice, is exactly what she sat down with Second Life host Hillary Kerr to discuss.

Believe it or not, following high school in Orange County in California, Pfeiffer took a job as a court stenographer before eventually deciding that she'd like to give acting a shot. Fast-forward to a prolific career that includes films like ScarfaceThe Fabulous Baker Boys, Batman ReturnsDangerous Minds, One Fine Day, and so many more, in addition to producer credits and a plethora of nominations and awards. But in April, Pfeiffer did something completely different and became a fragrance entrepreneur, releasing Henry Rose, a line of five unisex fragrances that has been 10 years in the making. 

Pfeiffer's company isn't the average celebrity fragrance line. One of the many things that sets it apart from the pack is the fact that the company is completely clean and transparent, meaning that 100% of the ingredients are shared. It's free of every substance on the Environmental Working Group's unacceptable ingredient list. 

As you could guess, the story of Pfeiffer's career is wildly interesting. Head to iTunes and subscribe to Second Life to find out how she went from the court stenographer to actress and fragrance entrepreneur. 

"The richness of vanilla bean blends with the earthiness of vetiver roots to create an aroma that’s both spicy and floral."

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"Fresh floral notes come together with musk and patchouli to create a smooth woody effect."

"The lightness of vetiver wood is cut with a soft musk to create a perfectly balanced freshness."

"The woodiness of patchouli blends with the richness of vanilla bean for a decadent finish."

"Watery clean freshness encounters honeyed neroli for a light and clean musky finish."