How Amina Porter Is Reshaping the Future of Travel With PS


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Amina Porter—the visionary CEO behind PS, a private luxury airport terminal for commercial-flight passengers—has completely evolved the travel experience. PS offers a range of elevated amenities, on-site TSA screening, and transportation directly to the tarmac, allowing travelers to bypass the typical hassles of the airport and truly enjoy the process of travel. Currently operating in Los Angeles and Atlanta International Airports, PS has ambitious plans to expand to major U.S. airports in places such as Miami and Dallas by 2025.

As Porter stands at the helm of redefining future travel, her fascination with exploration and the art of travel remains a constant driving force and source of inspiration. Having lived in seven different cities and speaking five languages, she has a genuine passion for experiencing diverse cultures and places. However, her professional journey took an unexpected turn after she began her career in finance, working in China. During her six-year stint in China, Porter leveraged her financial expertise to consult on the opening of Shanghai's first boutique hotel—a venture that hinted at her future in the world of luxury travel.

In order to add depth to her already impressive business acumen, Porter pursued her MBA at Wharton. Upon completing her MBA, she climbed the ranks to become a senior director at the esteemed real estate investment firm Lionstone. However, in 2018, Porter experienced a personal tragedy that compelled her to reevaluate her priorities. It was this life-altering event that prompted her to make a bold decision. She stepped away from her successful career at Lionstone, halted production on an accessory company she was running on the side, and embarked on a profound journey of reinvention. Listen to the latest episode of Second Life to hear how Porter's decision to step away from her career actually led her to PS, where she is making a great impact on travel culture.

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