The Out-There Shoe Trend You Can No Longer Ignore

Sculptural Heels Trend Street Style


Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

I don’t tend to invest in trends easily or instantly, but sometimes when something is so in your face you can’t ignore it, I feel like it can be a sign to, well, stop ignoring it. That’s the point I’m reaching with the topic of today’s post: sculptural heels. While they’ve been on the market for several years now, they’ve slowly gone from a niche novelty only a few brands were producing to a full-blown mega trend, which can be found everywhere from Net-a-Porter to Zara. And, while you may think it sounds like it’s now too late in the game to hop on board, I feel like it’s exactly the opposite.

Sculptural heels have now reached the perfect balance of fresh, accessible, and most importantly: perfected, with no signs of exiting any time soon. Whether you want a more out-there version like Jacquemus’s multi-shape heeled sandals or a subdued style in the vein of Alchimia Di Ballin’s slides, there are not just a ton of options, but a ton of really good ones. To see my favorites at every heel height, price point, and should we say daringness, simply keep scrolling below.

That’s all for sculptural heels! Now you can shop more of my favorite trends right now.