Scandinavian Beauty Is Taking Off—6 Brands to Know Before Everyone Else

In Denmark, people live by a philosophy called “hygge.” We don’t quite have a word for it in English, but it essentially translates to creating a cozy, friendly atmosphere that leads to a feeling of contentment. “Hygge” can be found in every inch of Danish life, and that translates to its beauty products. 

One of three Scandinavian countries (the other two are Norway and Sweden), hygge encapsulates the Scandinavian spirit in general. Scandinavian beauty is filled with a quiet joy and appreciation for nature. Many products focus on “clean” ingredients, minimalism, and protection from the harsh Nordic climates. Below, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Scandinavian beauty brands that you’d be remiss not to add to your arsenal. You’ll notice a few common themes—deep hydration and sustainable packaging are huge parts of Scandinavian beauty. These brands are the next best thing to a Scandinavian spa retreat.


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1. Kjaer Weis

While living in New York City, Danish makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis founded Kjaer Weis, a makeup brand that has the best of both worlds—Scandinavian minimalism, practicality, and New York’s boldness. This sustainable brand has a focus on refillable compacts and high-quality ingredients that don’t just look good on the skin, but also help soften and smooth.

This lip gloss is non-sticky and formulated with nourishing ingredients like rose-hip seed oil.

This compact and refill will quickly become your most-used cream blush—and you can feel good about your environmental impact. 

2. Woods Copenhagen

Consider this the brand that every Scandinavian cool girl uses. Woods Copenhagen products are all produced in Denmark and contain arctic spring water to soothe skin. Housed in sustainable packaging, this vegan brand draws influences from nature and respect for the environment.

Activated charcoal works to absorb oil and refine skin texture and pores. 

This hand cream is formulated with cloudberries, a berry native to Scandinavia that’s only harvested for a short period of time every summer. They’re packed with vitamin C and E, making them a skincare powerhouse. 

Hydrating and restorative, this lip balm is a must on every nightstand. 

3. Byredo

If you live for beauty, chances are you’ve already been using Byredo. Beauty editors and experts love this luxury Stockholm-based brand for all things fragrance. Byredo’s founder, Ben Gorham, aims to create products that are based on memories and emotions.

This cult-favorite Byredo fragrance smells as close as you’ll get to exploring Scandinavian forests thanks to woodsy, earthy notes like sandalwood, pine needles, and juniper berries. 

This candle smells like Byredo’s beloved Bibliothèque scent, which contains notes like peach, plum, patchouli, and leather to make your home smell like a library. 

Up your hand soap game with this luxe pick that will make you want to keep smelling your hands. 

4. Lumene

Though technically a Finnish beauty brand, Lumene is extremely popular in Scandinavian countries. The ingredients used in Lumene products are rooted in Finland’s arctic nature. Nordic botanicals and plants are the backbones of this brand.

Cloudberry seed extract and arctic spring water brighten skin while a wash of sheer color perfects tone. 

Slather on this cream whenever you plan on going outside in the cold. Not only is it intensely hydrating and soothing, it also protects against dehydration caused by temperature changes. 

5. Sachajuan

Sachajuan takes Scandinavian minimalism to heart with products that aim to streamline and simplify haircare. Each product is supposed to help you pare down your hair routine to only the most efficient products. Not only are they easy to use, but every Sahajuan product is formulated with Ocean Silk Technology—extracts from two cold water algae called Rhodophycea and Chondrus. These algae help strengthen, hydrate, and impart shine to hair.

Sachajuan’s Colour Protect Shampoo and Conditioner help preserve hair color while protecting strands from damage. 

Smooth this hair mask on to prevent split ends and breakage. 

If you haven’t yet implemented a scalp scrub into your haircare routine, now is the time. This sugar scrub exfoliates your scalp to slough off dead skin cells and buildup, promotes growth, and curbs dandruff. 

6. Verso

Verso is all about hydration and moisturization. Each Verso product aims to strengthen skin by using simple, high-quality ingredients. Many Verso products are also formulated using the breakthrough ingredient Retinol 8, a unique vitamin A derivative that is less irritating than traditional retinol.

Packed with niacinamide, this deeply hydrating cream aims to help repair environmentally damaged skin. 

Pop this mask on whenever your skin needs a major boost of moisture. 

Formulated with Retinol 8, this lip serum hydrates, plumps, and works to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. 

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